Grilled Cinnamon Apples

“Remember Mom when I made those really good apples for my class?”

“Yeah sweetie.”

“I’m starving for those now. Can you make some?”


Problem 1:

I had NO idea what my daughter was talking about, nor do I remember the cinnamon apples they made years ago in her kindergarten class.

Problem 2:

When kids say they are starving, they want the food STAT.

So I threw together this side for her lunch the other day. I cut apples into thin wedges. sprinkled them with a little cinnamon and then broiled them for a minute or two, rotating sides until they were lightly browned. (You can also brown them on the stove in a pan if you like). Or bake them if you have the time.

I put several of the apples in a cup and then drizzled a light layer of agave nectar on top for a soft but firm tasting apple that was delicious! (And I was off the hook, she thought they were the same apples and I was able to make them in a pinch!).

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  1. http://Kristina%20at%20Balancing%20Budgets%20and%20Babies says

    YUM! This sound easy enough that even I could do it! I love that it’s quick, easy, and not from a box.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to let my readers know about it, too!


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