A Burnt Moment

Potholders, hot stove burners and Traci all seem to have one thing in common. The makings of another burnt moment in the history of my cooking. See, I KNEW the stove burner was hot when I haphazardly threw the pot holder on the stove after placing food in the oven to bake. But the mind consiously didn’t remember that the stovetop was hot.

What I DIDN’T know was that it wasn’t the food burning several minutes later when the smell of burning something filled the air. I grabbed that hot pot holder, opened the oven and peeked inside. Then I felt the pain, saw the smoke coming from my hand and panicked. I threw the potholder on the ground and saw it smoking on the hardwood floor. Freaking out thinking that my new hardwood floors would start burning, I picked up the pot holder and threw it in the sink. Running my hands under cold water I realized this was going down as another burnt moment in my life.

The food turned out great though–the hand too. The potholder not so much.

P.S. Adrenaline and the flight-or-flight response doesn’t always use it’s brain in those moments. Otherwise I probably would’ve remembered the stovetop was hot and it was the potholder burning.

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