9 in 9 Years

Nine in Nine Years.

Not a great record.

For a garbage disposal.

My husband flipped on the garbage disposal last night only to hear the ominous buzz of the motor, but not the familiar grinding of food.

Immediately, “Are you freaking kidding me? Traaaaaci–do you realize this is the ninth garbage disposal you’ve ruined in the last nine years?”

“Honey, it probably just needs to be cleaned out a little bit. Don’t worry. I’ll do it in the morning.”

Rewind the last nine years.

Apparently, the first three he overlooked. But when it became a yearly pattern of me killing garbage disposals right after the warranty expired (or loosing the warranty all together) he started to keep track.

Almost ten years into marriage, I’ve ruined nine garbage disposals, and I have no idea how I did! But apparently, it’s my fault because of my track record.

And now my husband wants me to pay for a new one and pay to get it installed. “He’s done,” he says.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ruined that many. I’ll go with six. Tops.

My mom wanted me to mention to my husband the amount of times I’ve broken the dishwasher and microwave while growing up. “At least 15. Once we had her start cooking and doing the dishes as her chore,¬†kitchen appliances¬†just stopped lasting as long.”

I’ve already been through three dishwashers in our married life. But technically, one of those was nasty and the other during our kitchen remodel. So I’m not counting the dishwashers.

And the microwave has been safe. Although I went through four in college.

Do kitchen appliances just hate me? Or do I just not get it?

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  1. Is it really ruined? Have you tried the reset button that’s usually on the disposal itself? We thought we needed a new one, but pushed the button and it started working again.
    Also, you aren’t putting potato peels in there are you?

  2. Karl Sakas says

    What’s the pattern to yours breaking so often? I barely use mine, partly because I didn’t grow up using one. My family tended to go through at least one sump pump every year.

  3. Red Flag! 9 in 9 years is not normal. We’ve replaced ours once in 20. We compost alot so not much goes down. But I do use it daily. You run it with cold water running? You’ve tried the reset button? You’ve asked a plumber friend to come look? I wouldn’t replace another before finding out some answers.

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