Fruity Granola Cup

So I’ve been doing Insanity now for 4 weeks. This week started my Max Interval training workouts, and I’ve found my appetite has decreased dramatically even though I’m supposed to be increasing my amount of calories I consume in a day. So while not a new recipe, it is a good one for anyone wanting a quick, healthy breakfast or an afternoon pick me up. It’s also a pretty versatile snack too, and comes in under 300 calories–making it perfect for anyone!


1 6 oz container yogurt–lemon, vanilla or plain

1/2-1 cup fruit–strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, kiwis or grapes work best

4 tbsp Kashi Crunch cereal (you can decrease it down to 2 tbsp, but I like a crunchy taste to mine. You can also substitute in granola if you would like. This is a GREAT way to get rid of that extra cereal sitting at the bottom of the box that’s too little for a bowl of cereal).


Wash, slice and prepare fruit. Place fruit at the bottom of a small bowl. Scoop yogurt over fruit, top with granola.

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  1. Hello! I’m so tickled to have found your website. Love all the healthy recipes found here. I will definitely be a regular reader 🙂 Is there a way I can follow you? Couldn’t find a follow button on your sidebar… Can’t wait to try those lemon muffins/bread this week!

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