Dutch Oven Delights!

This past weekend was spent in beautiful Flaming Gorge with some good friends and their family. We had a great time boating and hanging out. But of course when you go camping, it’s all about the food!!

We made several delicious meals. On the grill, we made a wonderful turkey made with the Cannon. This made the most tender and moist turkey I’ve ever had! I’m getting my husband one of these before Thanksgiving for SURE!! We cooked it on the grill and it only took about an hour to cook a full sized 20# turkey. Not bad when you’ve got hungry children around after a day of boating and swimming.

Image of Camp Chef Turkey Cannon

Of course, we also broke out the Dutch Ovens. I haven’t done any dutch oven cooking, so I needed a lot of help from our friends to figure it all out. Luckily for me, they were pros at it.

We made the traditional Dutch Oven Pizza, (the kids favorite!) and a┬áMountain Man Breakfast. We also made some delicious dutch oven sweet rolls made from biscuits. We opted for making the sweet rolls in the oven instead of the dutch oven since it was raining the morning we left. These rolls were so easy to make!! We just used refrigerated biscuits (we used the flaky kind) and put them in the bottom of a greased dutch oven or a 9×13 inch baking dish. We generously covered the rolls in brown sugar and poured some heavy whipping cream over the top of the sugar just until coated. We baked them in the oven for about 18-20 minutes at 350 degrees until the rolls were done. (or if using the dutch oven cook over the fire for 10-15 minutes or until rolls are cooked through). They were deliciously wonderful! (Yes, it’s the only thing I could come up with!) I kept thinking they would taste wonderful with some pecans on top.

But my favorite recipe? Peach cobbler. We used a Tornado to make this turn out just right! I had about two servings of this and am going to become a great friend of my workout video today. This recipe is an absolute must try on your next camping trip. It was so good and different than traditional dutch oven peach cobblers. But I’m trying to track down the recipe so I’ll have to share it tomorrow! ­čÖé

**Disclaimer: Yes, I will fully agree I jumped off the “healthy eating” bandwagon this past weekend. But I did NOT have a say in the recipes. And it was really, really good!! And I really, really, really, really am paying for it today. Any further information on that will be TMI.**

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