Chipotle Mayo BLT

A few weeks ago I received some samples of Kraft’s new deli mayonaise. While not always something I eat my sandwiches with, today I had a moment of guilt as I found them laying under some papers. I’m sure they’ve been under those papers for several weeks now. And I was a little intrigued by the chipotle mayo. I was in the mood for a little kick to my sandwich. And trying to make the kids lunch and my lunch didn’t yield much time for a healthier version of chipotle mayo.

So yes, I did give in. I used that little Kraft Chipotle Mayo packet. And I have to admit….it was just the flavor kick my sandwich needed today.


1 Oroweat multigrain sandwich thin (available at Costco and other major retailers)

Salad lettuce

2 slices tomato

2 slices bacon, turkey bacon, or alternative bacon like Smart Bacon

1 tbsp Kraft Chipotle Mayonaise

In a pan, fry or microwave bacon. On the inside of the sandwich thin, spread a moderate layer of mayonaise. Place bacon on top, then tomato and end with the salad lettuce. Serve with pasta salad, fruits or vegetables.

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  1. I am addicted to chipotle mayo! Here is a homemade recipe!

    • healthydealsnsteals says:

      Thanks for the homemade recipe! I like homemade over storebought, so thanks for sharing this!

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