Cars 2 Spur of the Moment Chocolate Cake Creation

He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on Saturday night. That was all.

On Sunday morning after I had baked and frosted the cake, he asked me where the decorations were.

“I’m so excited to see my Cars 2 cake decorated. I want Mater and Lightning McQueen and a  racetrack.”

I explained to him that he had asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. And I made it. But then he said in a trembling voice, ”
But Mom, you ALWAYS decorate a birthday cake with decorations.”

I furiously started rummaging the cupboards in hopes of finding something that might work and racking my poor sleep deprived brain for ideas.  I even turned to the internet for ideas while I fed and burped the little one.

I found a half a row of Double Stuf Oreos and only 1–1 of my cake decorating tips. (I had forgotten that I lent them to my daughter and her friends. Magically, I couldn’t find them now).

So, using what I had on hand, this creation was born:

Oh yeah. You’ll also notice that’s not Lightning McQueen. Somehow Lightning drove off to a mysterious hiding spot before the cake was decorated. We substituted. We  call this Travis’ race car.

End result? Not too bad for a cake made only with a writing tip, leftover Oreos and homemade frosting.

How I did it:

Cake/Frosting: I used the Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake recipe. After it cooled, I slathered it in Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Frosting. I waited for the chocolate frosting to set a little bit before I prepared the simple buttercream frosting.

Racetrack: To make the racetrack, simply scoop the filling out of 6-8 Oreos and place the cookies in a sandwich bag. (Must admit, since chocolate is a rarity for me now I enjoyed the filling. It was good. Until I got a monster stomachache). Crush the Oreos in the bag until fine. Using a spoon, evenly pour the cookie crumbs over the cake until the number of the child is made on the cake. You will want to gently press the Oreos into the cake.

Piping: Using white buttercream frosting, pipe small lines at intervals on the racetrack to resemble a road. You can use chocolate or buttercream frosting on the sides of the road to keep the Oreos intact.

Pipe around the edges of the cake in different colors if desired. I use India Tree food coloring. It is made from vegetable dyes.


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