Sick This Holiday Season? Cut Out This…

It’s the most favorite ingredient of the year…SUGAR!

After our family survived a week of stomach flu and illness, our doctor gave us a piece of great advice. Cut down on one ingredient in your diet this holiday season….SUGAR. 

My reply? Are. You. Serious???? Ugh! There are too many good treats to eat this time of year! Not to mention birthdays, class holiday parties, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve. It’s the holiday of sugary foods at it’s finest!

Did you know that the one reason you may be more susceptible to getting sick during the holiday season is because of over sugar consumption? Sure, being inside all day doesn’t help either, but if you eat a diet laden in extra sugar, your body suffers too. Hence, the reason that you might be getting more sick around the holidays.

In an article in USA Today, the article states that consuming sugar can lower your immune resistance and make it harder for your body to fight off infections. An additional article written by Dr. Sears states that when you consume sugar, your bodies ability to fight off infection may be compromised for up to five hours after consuming it. And it can also combat the absorption of the good foods you are trying to eat.

So, when is the best time to consume a treat? Right after a meal! For one, you won’t be as hungry so you won’t overindulge, and the second reason being the good food is already on it’s way down.

And if you’re looking for other great ways to keep your family healthy this holiday season, click here now!

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!



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  1. Can I tell you that I am so with your doctor on this one? I think sugar makes me feel like crap, run down, just bleh. I luckily don’t have a sweet tooth, but my kids do…it’s hard to manage. But it really is about moderation….I’m sticking to the small treat after a meal, so I don’t over indulge!! Hope you and your family are feeling well!!

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