Spinach Chicken Cheese Scramble

I want to throw my shoe at the radio everytime I hear a weight loss commercial that has someone loosing nine pounds in a week. Since the baby came out eight months ago I’ve lost a total of nine pounds. With only like 15+ to go. No biggie.

Not for lack of trying. I squeeze in a full length P90X tape while feeding the baby lunch, then bundle her up for a three or four mile run with her and the dog before grabbing the kids from school.

And still each week the family is subjected to hearing a shout of victory or my grumbling from behind the door of the closed bathroom.

Lately though, there’s been more victories than defeats. Though small –.3 or .4 pounds lost– it’s a victory in my book. One of the things I’ve done to help my carb and sugar filled body is to feed it more protein. A miraculous thing happened when I started to eat less carbs and sugar. For one, after 8pm has become nightmarish in the cravings department. Working on that one. And two, I feel more full so I snack less during the day!! Brainiacally brilliant! I’m still working on a pear and a piece of cheese being a “treat” before bedtime instead of cookies. I don’t think my brain will ever rewire THAT much.

One of the things I enjoy for a quick lunch is this spinach chicken scramble. It’s packed with protein! I usually pair it with some grapes or an apple to help fuel my runs too.

Oh, and did you see that you can print this recipe now? Yeah!


3 egg whites

1/4 cup chicken, shredded or diced

1 tbsp milk

2 oz parmesean or feta cheese

1/4 cup spinach, chopped

1 tsp basil, chopped or 1/2 tsp dried

In a frying pan, scramble egg whites, milk, chicken, spinach and basil. Cook on medium heat until egg whites are no longer runny. Shortly before taking the eggs off of the stove mix the cheese in and allow it to melt. Serve with fruit.

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