When Spring Hands You Snow…

Utah has some weird weather. The day before yesterday was 80 degrees. Yesterday? It was snowing.

What happened to April Showers?

Since we were stuck in between spring, winter and summer we made ourselves some snow cones.

First rule is use some fresh snow. No colored or grass stained snow. Not good.

Second rule is scoop up the snow. Put it in a fresh cup, then freeze it for several hours to let it harden. After it’s been in the freezer for several hours, you’ll want to use some all natural juice concentrate. We used apple juice and added vegetable dyes¬†for a richer color. *Hint* Do not make the concentrate into juice. It will make it taste more flavorful by using the concentrate.

Pour the juice on top of the snow until it is coated well. Add some sprinkles for fun, grab your spoon and then enjoy!

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  1. Such a fun idea! I didn’t realize you were from Utah – totally agree with the weird weather and hopefully that was our last snow of the season!

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