Using Pinterest for Meal Planning

I love to Pin. I wish I had more time in my day to spend on Pinterest. But I don’t. When I am able to get on, I find way too many things that I like. New home decorating ideas, ways to entertain the kids, and of course, new meals to try! I love looking at meals and trying to incorporate simple ways to make them healthier.

When I see a new meal that I want to try, I pin it to my “Meals to Try” board. That way I’m aware of any meals that I’m wanting to look into more. I’ll pin them and then go back and see what meals to try and will fit into the budget when I’m making my bimonthly grocery list and meal list.

Once I’ve made my grocery list and decide what meals to use, I move those pins with meals I’ll be using to my “This Week’s Menu” list. That way, when I’m ready to make the meal, I don’t have to search through pins to find them. They’re all right there and easily available.

Once I’ve tried the meals and decide to keep them, they move to the “Meals I’ve Tried” list. I’ll even write a little note about the recipe. It’s also a great place to go back and find a meal I’ve tried and want to use again.

How do you use Pinterest for meal planning? What do you like/dislike about using Pinterest for meal planning?

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  1. It’s so true! When we do meal planning we just stare at all the recipes I’ve pinned lately and just start making lists. It’s just crazy!

  2. It’s so true!! When it’s time for meal planning we just sit and stare at the recipes I’ve recently pinned and start making lists. It’s crazy!

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