Creamy Frozen Orange Cups

The week has been an early homage to summer. With record breaking heat, the only thing I’ve wanted to consume are salad and ice cream. Unfortunately, I can’t indulge in a giant bowl of ice cream every night of the week, so I have to opt for healthier options. I love fruit desserts and during the summer I a good frozen dessert.

Monkey baby and I had a couple of these this week after our runs. Although I don’t count her sitting in a jogging stroller taking a nap as work. ¬†After the last bite she will take the spoon and will babble while holding it triumphantly in the air. Lately I could swear she is starting to say “ha! ha!” too but it could just be the pain from her trying to turn me into her new chew toy. Teeth hurt!

If you are looking for a little more “treat” and a creamsicle type taste, try drizzling a little bit of white chocolate on top.

This is delicious healthy cooking at it’s best. You will love this cool and refreshing frozen dessert.

fruit dessert

Creamy Frozen Orange Cups

4 oranges

1 cup Greek yogurt, plain, honey or vanilla flavored

1 tbsp honey (reduce to 1-2 tsp if using honey flavored yogurt)

Semi sweet or white chocolate chips

Cut a lid from each orange and discard the lid part. Cut down the inside of each orange and remove the fleshy, pith part of the orange. Use the same type technique that you would use when you scrape seeds out of a pumpkin.

Make sure that you do this over a large bowl as juice tends to fly.

Discard the pith from the orange and save the orange sections and juice. In a blender or food processor place the orange sections, orange juice, yogurt, and honey.

Pulse blend until oranges become a chunky puree.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and freeze for one hour. While the mixture is freezing place the orange bowls in the fridge, or on the counter upside down with the open part facing downwards on a cookie sheet or paper towel.

After one hour, stir the mixture in the freezer. A thin sheet of ice will have formed on the top of the mixture. Freeze for an additional 30 minutes.

Remove mixture from freezer and fill each orange bowl to the top with the orange mixture. Since the mixture will be thick, make sure to press the mixture down with the back of the spoon to fill in the bowls completely. Stand each bowl upright in a baking dish and return to freezer. Freeze for several hours or overnight.

If you will be freezing the bowls for several days or longer, move the bowls to a freezer bag to avoid freezer burn. To serve, place bowls in refrigerator overnight to thaw.

Right before serving, top each bowl with semi sweet chocolate shavings or drizzle with melted white chocolate if desired.

Serves 4
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