Crusty Hard Rolls

Ever since the Rhodes commercial came on showing crusty hard rolls, my husband has wanted them.

Problem is, we haven’t been able to find them in any store.

My crazy obsession with Googling any problem or question I have in my life led me to a fabulous recipe from King Arthur Flour. I love King Arthur Flour recipes and wish that they were paying me to say that. But there not. They just have a fabulous product and their recipes have always turned out great.

This roll recipe is NOT HARD. And the results are beautiful.

rolls recipe

I will warn you that they require a lot of time getting to this stage. But it is absolutely worth it. You will love these rolls. We enjoyed ours with some of our favorite flavored butter.

Bread Recipe:

Crusty Hard Roll Recipe by King Arthur Flour

Flavored Butter:

Cinnamon Honey Butter by Burnt Apple

Raspberry Honey Butter by Burnt Apple

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