The Vacation After Party for Mom–Ha!

It was a wonderful vacation. Nestled in the mountains above Durango, Colorado sits a little lake called Vallecito.

My husbands family has been going for years, and our kids were going to go for the first time to see the place where Dad spent his vacation days of summer as a kid.

The kids spent time in the river that feeds the lake, climbing over rocks and looking for tadpoles. They spent time in the lake, swimming and rafting. An early morning or two was spent fishing, and one was devoted entirely to a mountain man breakfast on the top of the mountain.

The cabin overlooked the pristine lake, and us grown up kids had an enjoyable time watching the little ones make s’mores and try to get the chipmunks to eat food.

Me, an avid non camper even had fun too. We hiked down the mountain after our big breakfast and were told that three bears had been a short distance from us. We also saw a bear run across the road chasing a chipmunk. (I almost needed some Valium after that experience).

My husband said he had almost as much fun watching me do some of the things for the first time that the kids were experiencing. In MY neck of the woods, summers were spent building sandcastles, swimming in the ocean, and rollerblading or biking along the beach.

The best part of the trip is always family. Cousins running around and playing together. Sharing food. Hairbrushes. Toys. But at the end of the week the kids part ways and say their goodbyes.

Tired kids climb into the car, too sleepy and exhausted from running around in the sun all day to complain much about the long car ride home. They’re perfectly content to watch movies and read stories. Or nap.

And as a Mom, you wait.

Sometimes it’s the day after, or the day after that, but you know it’s coming.

“Mom, my stomach huuuurts so baaaad.”

The next week is spent cleaning up after the vacation, and the sick, tired kids. I call it the “Vacation After Party for Mom.” With a sarcastic ha! ha! added on. But it’s almost enevitable that when kids are within close proximity to each other for a week, eating junky camp food, and playing hard all day that they get home and their immune system decides IT needs a vacation too. But Mom doesn’t.

This time, we had the opportunity to take along with us some Culturelle Kids probiotics. I’ve used these in the past and am a fan. All three of my kids were preemies, and they were a regular part of our routine the first couple of years to help try to build up their immune systems.

I’ve never taken them with me on vacation though. This time, I did. I faithfully made sure that they took them every night before going to bed. They moaned and groaned, and I inwardly prayed that they would help avoid the after vacation party I was gearing myself up for once we got home.

After getting home, I waited. And waited. Although they helped my toddler daughter and elementary aged daughter, my son still had a good case of reflux when he got home courtesy of campfire hot dogs, chili, and other foods he isn’t used to eating at home. Overall, I gave these a 4 out of 5 starsand will make sure that they are packed in my bag on our next vacation.

I was given product and compensation, but my opinion of the product and my choosing to be associated with the product was my own.

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