Bobby Flays German Chocolate Cake

Date night could be classified in our house as catching the latest Bobby Flay adventure. The guy can grill. My husband religously watches him and even makes sure that no business trip to Vegas is complete without a stop at his restaurant.

A past episode of Throwdown like, two years ago made this German Chocolate Cake hit the top of my bucket list. This, I thought, would be perfect for my father in law who loves German Chocolate Cake.

bobby flay german chocolate cake

Because I don’t have the priviledge of having a spending account like Mr. Flays, the recipe stayed on my bucket list for a couple of years. In the meantime I got knocked up for the third time, became a soccer and dance mom, and now drive a carpool. I’m now one of THOSE Moms. Whatever that means. I’m still 25, a size 2 and kidless.  I still have great legs and a taut stomach. And I’m dreaming.

I went on a super organizing kick this weekend, organizing my coupons and my recipe book. I came across this recipe and knew that it would be perfect for my father in law who would be coming down this weekend to celebrate his birthday.

I’m so glad that I made it. It took a few trips to some specialty stores around town (I managed to make it through Williams Sonoma buying ONLY the one ingredient I needed. A miracle occured that day. I have nothing to do with the disappearing cookie samples though).

Of course with the way the cake turned out this weekend, I’m thinking it’s time for cooking school for me. My husband will love that I’ve changed majors again. Disclaimer: Even though I am kidding, I did consult my BFF Google who confirmed that there is no Bobby Flay cooking school. Drat.

You can find this fabulous recipe by clicking here.

Just a note: We loved this cake. It is a darker chocolate cake. It was wonderful though and so moist and delicous. My mouth waters thinking about it.

The frosting is not as sweet as traditional german chocolate frosting, but still maintains the texture and overall taste of the traditional frosting. The ganache is fabulous on this cake, but I could eat it with or without.

The coconut whipped cream though absolutely stole the show. It completely brought out the flavors of the cake. Overall, not my usual german chocolate cake, but absolutely delicious and one worthy of making again.

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