{BURNT} Holiday Edition

Yes, it’s the holiday edition of “Burnt.” Today’s edition tackles the art of multitasking while cooking.

Note: You NEVER want to multitask while cooking.


Step 1: Put on the rice.

Step 2: Help kids with homework, glance over at rice, stir it a little bit. Smile to self. Thirty minutes and dinner is done!

Step 3: Toddler lets you know she needs diaper changed.

Step 4: While toddler’s diaper is getting changed, the doorbell rings. Two kids (and the dog) run to the door to see who it is.

Step 5: Toddler amps up her usual wrestling match. SHE wants to see who is at the door too.

Step 6: Finish diaper, run to door as you see a flash of yellow tail run outside. Kids freak out, run after dog. you quickly sign for package while attempting to wrestle toddler in your arms who keeps screaming and crying “goggie.” UPS man flees rather quickly.

Step 7: Stick toddler in stroller, race after kids who are racing down the street after the dog, chasing her further through the neighborhood.

Step 8: Around this time the husband comes home from work wanting to know what is going on. In your haste you yell something like “rice”, “dog” and “kids.” He nods his head and heads inside to change, not understanding how any of those words are related to each other.

Step 9: Get kids and dogs and toddler heading back to the house after a thirty minute chase around the neighborhood. On the plus side, the dog has been walked and the kids got exercise. On the negative side, you wish that every cat and quail in the neighborhood would…never mind. Nice thoughts are hard to come by right now.

Step 10: Call on way home from dog chase from husband asking if he needs to call the fire department because you burned dinner again . Get home and flaming, smoking pot of rice is waiting for you on the porch stairs. Luckily, the fire department wasn’t needed. This time.

Multitasking? Not always a great combination.

Pinteresters: Any ideas on how to remove the burned marks from the stainless steel pan?? 🙂

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  1. Been there, done that. Put some hydrogen peroxide in your pan (just about 1/8″ deep or so) and boil it. While it is boiling, start scraping with a soft spatula or something. It will come right up. Good luck!

  2. Have you been watching me cook supper? This is my problem. There’s just too much to do and cooking is boring to keep an eye on. Lol great story!

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