Melanie’s Sunsational Gourmet

A snowy morning filled the windows to the outside world as we sat inside baking away with Santa and his cheerfully dressed elves. The sounds of happy children, dough being rolled and oven timers going off filled the large kitchen area. The cooking elf, also known as Chef Scott walked around handing out frosting, sprinkles and gave cooking tips to the children.

melanies sunsational gourmet

chef classes


The tastefully appointed kitchen was large enough for all the little chefs who eagerly enjoyed learning about rolling, baking and frosting cookies. Every child had their own station, and the ovens were plentiful for such a large class.

chef classes


cooking with santa


While my daughter continued to roll and bake, I wandered downstairs for a look in the bakery area. I had spotted this sign earlier and I had to check it out. I loved that my daughter just rolled her eyes at me and then told me to get her something good while I was down there. Like mother, like daughter.

utah awnings


While I checked out the food, my littlest one checked out the beautifully decorated store.

utah awnings


utah awnings


I found lot’s of goodies. Melanie’s has a whole market full of imported goods from Britain, Italy, South Africa, and Australia. I love that many are from organic and natural sources. You can find anything from syrups, baked goods, jams, sauces, and more.

Chef Scott bakes some delicious baked goods for the full service bakery. One of my personal favorites is his low sugar pumpkin pie. It’s delicious! Chef Scott is a  four time medal winner of the American Culinary Federation and worked at the Stein Ericksen Lodge. He now teaches classes at Melanie’s Gourmet.

chef classes

Classes are available for all ages! If your child loves cooking as much as mine does, sign

him or her up to come out and take a four week course with Chef Scott.

If his cooking classes are as good as his gingerbread cookies were, I’m taking a class too. There are also cooking classes for couples and adults. You can also host birthday parties too! All classes are HANDS-ON and you take home the food that you cook. (I LOVE classes like that). Each student gets their own oven, stovetop and cooking prep area. If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift, or a way to keep the kids busy during the winter, give a call to Melanie’s and sign up for a class. And if you’ve been looking for a class for you, look no further than Melanie’s.

You can find more information on their website at

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way by Melanie’s for this post. We loved Melanie’s and felt strongly that we needed to share our positive experience. 


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