Easter Basket Ideas

I’m always looking for fun Easter basket ideas. Easter baskets are so much fun to fill and I love finding a fun Easter gift for the kids that they’ll love. This year our baskets are going to be filled with lot’s of fun and unique items. I really get too into the holidays. My husband has pretty much given up doing Easter baskets and stockings for the kids. He knows that I’ve got my eye out for something unique and fun for the kids Easter baskets or stockings all the time. He claims he would just fill their baskets with candy. So he’s now responsible for finding birthday and Christmas gifts. He is great at knowing what the kids want and need and I am terrible. But I’m good at finding Easter and stocking stuffers. I think it could go on my resume.

Here are some of the fun items we found this year:

easter basket ideas



Smencils are gourmet scented pencils that are made from recycled newspapers. They come in fun gourmet  scents like Mmm Mmm Maple, Toasted Marshmallow, Root Beer and more. We found ours at a school fundraiser for only $2.



magnetic nail polish

My daughter had so much fun with this at Christmas that she asked for another bottle for Easter. Magnetic nail polish is a blast because you put the nail polish on, than wave a magnet over your nail and designs appear.  Magnetic nail polish can be found at most major retailers and at stores like Claire’s or Icing. It is usually $5-8 per bottle.


skittles socks

Our family has a thing for crazy socks. They appear in our Christmas stockings and Easter baskets every year. The kids love seeing what new socks they’ll get. While many run up to $6 a pair, this year I found some really fun socks at Dollar Tree for only $1! I’ve always found some in the Target Spot section at the front of the store where items are priced from $1-3 each.


angry bird toothbrush

This one might seem a little crazy but an old coworker of mine sold me on this idea. Toothbrushes should be replaced every three months, so she said that she always bought her sons toothbrushes at Christmas and Easter so that she remembered. She made the toothbrushes inexpensive but fun. Toothbrushes will generally run you $1 and up depending on if you use coupons and where you buy them from. Dollar General came to the rescue this year. They had a 3 pack of Angry Bird Firefly toothbrushes on clearance for $1.25. My son will love them! I love the Firefly toothbrushes because they are inexpensive and have lights in them that serve as timers for the kids. When the lights stop, the brushing can stop.


kids kindle books

You would think this wouldn’t be hard, but with the electronic age it is! I was spending so much on paperback books for my daughter that we got her a Kindle a couple of years ago. We used to put books in her stocking and her Easter basket, but now we load a new book to her Kindle and put a certificate inside her stocking or Easter basket telling her to look at her Kindle for a surprise. You could also do gift cards too, or opt for a new paperback book like I do for the younger kids. In my opinion, there is nothing more fun than opening the pages of a new book.


garden seeds

Another fun idea is to fill each child’s egg with different seeds for their garden. Each egg has a different “mystery” plant inside. This is a fun way to keep the Easter holiday going well beyond the holiday and to have kids keep busy tending their garden through the summer. They just LOVE to hate weed pulling, but love to eat their garden when it’s time!


yummy earth

When I head out for a long run with my toddler, lollipops are necessary. She usually falls asleep through most of the run, but when she wakes up she is ready to get out of that stroller. Now! She loves waking up to a fun little treat she can enjoy while talking to me about the dogs, big trucks and birds going by.  I love Yummy Earth because they have no dyes. I dislike picking up a blue covered child after a run. Yummy Earth to the rescue! I picked up a bag of 15 at my local health food store for around $2. They are organic and contain no artificial dyes or flavors and come in yummy flavors like pomegranate and strawberry.



playdough recipe

Playing with Playdough is fun for any age. Even my older kids get into it. We love making bakeries, animals, and people with our playdough. Now that the kids are getting older, they have been getting into modeling clay and pottery stuff. A gift certificate to your local pottery store is always fun, or you can make up some homemade scented playdough and put it into their Easter basket. You can use our fun Gingerbread Playdough recipe or our quick and easy Breadmixer Playdough recipe.


arrowhead mills bake with me kit

One of the fun things that we like to do as a family is make dessert together. The kids however are still young enough that getting and measuring out the ingredients is hard for them. So we do use baking mixes from time to time. The kids love opening their baskets to find some fun baking mix that they get to be in charge of on a Sunday night. There are a bunch of fun conventional baking mixes on the market like whoopie pies, cake pops, marshmallow pops and even cookie or brownie pops. I do admit, I love the ideas from Mail Just 4 Me. How cool is a volcano cake kit? I’m definetely going to have to work on a healthier version of that one. However, there is also a growing market for those wanting organic, vegan and gluten free options too. Arrowhead Mills now carries their “Bake With Me” sets at stores like Whole Foods that include a gluten free chocolate cupcake baking set and an organic sugar cookie baking set. These retail for around $4-6 in stores.




barbaras snackimals

We love snack crackers. My mom would buy us Barbara’s Snackimals as a kid growing up if we had an especially long trip at the grocery store. I also remember getting these in my stockings and Easter baskets. So now I do the same for my kids. They love them but know that they are a special treat. We’ve tried them all but we love the chocolate chip ones! A small bag is around .89 at health and natural food stores although some major retailers are now carrying them too.

We hope you and your family enjoy a very Happy Easter!

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  1. What fun Easter basket ideas! I love the magnetic nail polish! Oh and Barbara’s snackimals are so good! I always sneak a few too 🙂 Thanks for linking up and hope you’ll join in again!

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