{Thursdays Thoughts} Pheasant Hunting

There are times in marriage that you agree to disagree.

Bird hunting is one of those things.

pheasant hunting

In corner number one is me. I don’t like violence or gory things and feel that God created grocery stores for a reason. So I could shop there. We live in a day and age where hunting is kind of unnecessary and the things that we need to eat are easily accessible for a reason. There just isn’t the need to hunt down and kill something. And I don’t like guns. I’ve shot guns before, but it’s not my thing.

In corner number two is my husband. He does feel that hunting is something that is an important skill to learn and something that is still needed during this day and age. He also feels that by catching his own meat he is able to have a say in how the meat is prepared and raised and feels that we are eating a much more quality product than I buy in the store. He also feels we are prepared in case some apocalypse or zombie invasion happens and we are forced to live off the land.

Whichever one of us is right, I don’t know. I just know that when the boys came home from hunting during the last week of the pheasant hunt, they had a great time. My son can’t wait to go back again. He said it was so much fun watching our pointer Chelsea doing what she loves best. (See example below. She loves her birds!) I do worry about the violence aspect of it.

pheasant hunting

If you have always wanted to learn how to pheasant hunt, now is a great time. Pheasant hunting resumes again in the fall and you’ve got a few months to get ready. There are plenty of websites that offer information on how to hunt pheasants. You will need to research what equipment, ammunition and gear you will need. You will also want to research hunting facilities around your area.  And don’t worry about having a hunting dog. Most facilities will supply them for you (usually at a cost).

And for us who stay at home? Be prepared. You will have lot’s of feather covered laundry to do when your hunters get home. You will also get stuck sending everyone to the showers after they have spent hours walking through grass and streams. And you may even get caught helping to clean out the dirty seats of the car while hearing stories of birds caught. (Try not to throw up). And if you have a dog, you’ll want to change it from a country dog back to a city dog with a good washing in the tub. Let’s just say it’s a lot of work for the ones who stay at home too.

But now the easy part. Figuring out what meals to prepare with your bird. Pheasant can easily be substituted for chicken in any recipe. They taste surprisingly similar. So get cooking! We’ll have a yummy pheasant recipe for you next week!

Today we were featured at Time Out for Women. We talked about the Power of Positive Thinking and shared a recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches for National Grilled Cheese Month. 

Top photo courtesy of Wylio.


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