Veggie Quesadillas

A couple of years ago I came back from a weekend trip to visit with a friend and one of the first things the kids said to me after greeting me as I got off the plane was, “Mom, puhlease do not make quesadillas. For a really, really, really long time.”

Apparently when Dad is in charge, quesadillas are a common meal. They had them for lunch one day, lunch and dinner the next day, and then lunch the following day. They were done with quesadillas! Since that time, I’ve been able to get them back to eating quesadillas, but I’ve jazzed them up a little bit.

veggie quesadillas

We makeĀ corn and black bean quesadillas, plain old cheese quesadillas, and chicken and green chile quesadillas. But the other day we needed something different. With zucchini sitting in my fridge and my mother in laws recipes strewn across my counter, I sifted through and found a recipe for veggie quesadillas.

veggie quesadilla

My first thought? There is NO way the kids are going to eat these. But they did, and they actually loved them. Mainly because they couldn’t tell they were eating zucchini. This is an easy quesadilla recipe that takes just minutes to make. It’s a great vegetarian recipe and perfect for a quick weeknight meal. On nights we have soccer and dance I make a bunch of these up really fast, stick them on a plate with a side of fruit and veggies and let the kids chow down before we head out.

Veggie Quesadillas

Yield: 4 servings

Serving Size: 1 quesadilla

A delicious veggie quesadilla filled with zucchini, pepperjack cheese and black beans.


  • 8 tortillas--flour, wheat, or spinach recommended
  • 2 cups shredded zucchini
  • 1 cup black beans, drained
  • 2 cups pepperjack cheese, shredded
  • Salsa, sour cream, guacamole


  1. Preheat outdoor grill or griddle on medium heat. Place four tortillas on the grill or griddle. On each tortilla evenly spread 1/2 cup zucchini, 1/4 cup black beans and 1/2 cup pepperjack cheese. Top with another tortilla. Cook on medium heat until tortilla browns and cheese begins to melt. Flip the quesadilla and lightly brown the other side of the tortilla. Remove from heat and cut quesadilla into fourths with a pizza cutter. Serve with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream if desired.

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  1. These look great- I’ll have to try them!

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