Free Fart Zone {Thursdays Thoughts}

It started back in college. Four nineteen year old girls, one tiny apartment and one badly made meal. One terrible evening of holding stomachs, grimacing in pain, and groaning instead of laughing through our favorite show…Friends. Yeah, I’m THAT old. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I still watch reruns.

“I’ve HAD it!” one roommate exclaims, walks outside to shared landing and returns several minutes later. “I feel sooo much better now.”

So started the establishment of the “Free Fart Zone.”

  free fart zone

Fast forward ten years and two kids later. Four young boys sit in my living room. One boy has a slip and goes red faced.

My son says, “Don’t worry Jake. It’s a free fart zone.” He then helps his friend out by having a slip of his own. Then several of HIS friends help out Jake and my son.

Several minutes later I walk through the room and just about pass out.

After the friends have gone, we have a chat about the “Free Fart Zone” and how it needs to probably not be the living room for the people that have to walk through.

The “Free Fart Zone” has been a great addition to our house. It also makes you a pretty cool parent to the neighborhood kids. They think you’re pretty awesome. It also makes those burnt meals I make on occasion a little easier to digest. 🙂

My suggestion? Make your free zones outside or in highly vented areas. For everyone else’s sake.

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  1. LOL!! It’s just my husband and I and our two cats in one small apartment so everywhere is a fart zone. Sometimes it can get pretty wicked in here but it’s pretty darn hilarious too. Farting is funny. At least we think so. Haha.

    Stopping by via SITS Sharefest.

  2. Oh my gosh this is too funny!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. Kristen Daukas says:

    Hah! Our house is def a free fart/burp zone. And we have 3 girls! Had to finally explain that doing that anywhere else was NOT acceptable 😉 Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Oh, thank you for posting this! It’s just me in a house with my husband and our 4 boys. Some days I just about want to gag. Do you often see someone running for the free fart zone?

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