Soup Gift Basket

What happens when fourteen fabulous women of all shapes, sizes, ages and stages in life enter a room?

You have a party.

gift basket

I have the opportunity of working with some fabulous woman on a committee. Everyone brings their own talents and unique life experiences. We laugh, we get serious, and we plan some amazing activities. We’ve zumba’d, cooked, planned and held an amazing tea party, and even got neighbors together to serve each other with a service auction.

soup gift

Sometimes though, life gets in the way and one of them has to leave us. So we celebrate by giving them a gift. A “Souper” gift.

gift basket idea

Oftentimes it says something cheesy like “It was Souper Fun Serving with You!” and all of us sign a card and say thanks.

I guess you could use it for a get well soon gift as well. You could say “Hope you Get Better Souper Fast.”

Or if they are new neighbors, you could say, “Here’s some Souper to welcome you to the neighborhood.” 

And if they are moving, “It’s been Souper fun having you as our neighbor! We will miss you

One day I’ll include some cool printables for this.

Get ready because this gift will cost you under $5!! It’s a fantastic gift basket idea that you can really change to your liking.

Soup Gift Basket

1 bowl

1 dish towel

1 can soup

1 wooden spoon

In your bowl, assemble your dish towel, can of soup and wooden spoon. You can also include a gift card to a local cafe if you would like to do something more.

* The bowl, dish towel and spoon were found at Dollar Tree. The whisk was found for under $1 at Hobby Lobby. The soup was bought on sale for .48 at a local grocery store.

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  1. What a sweet bunch of ladies and this is a souper idea.

  2. That’s adorable! I love this “souper” idea!!


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    Our Soup Gift Basket

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