Best and Worst Restaurant Mexican Food Choices

As you head out this summer, eating out will probably be on your list. Road trips, family in town, and holidays just seem to bring out more restaurant eating. Eating healthy foods when eating out shouldn’t have to be an issue. Print this simple guide and you will know which healthy Mexican foods you can eat and which are the worst Mexican foods and ones you should avoid.

Have a great time eating out this summer!

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* Hold the chips that the waiter places at your table when you first sit down. Chips and guacamole can add up to 540 calories, and that’s before the main course! It also makes way for mindless eating, which isn’t healthy either.

Nachos smothered with sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and meat can set you back almost 1,800 calories. Ouch!

Quesadillas are nutrient deficient and not that great of a choice. With flour tortillas and cheese, quesadillas are delicious but don’t pack much of anything. At some restaurants, one quesadilla contains almost 80 grams of fat!

* The one ingredient that can pack on high fat and calories at Mexican restaurants is cheese. It seems to be on EVERYTHING! Use salsa, cilantro and other lower fat options in place of cheese. Tell the waiter to hold the cheese and save yourself the extra calories.

Shrimp Fajitas sound like a healthy option, but not when you look at the amount of sodium. One serving of shrimp fajitas contains almost 3,800 grams of sodium.

* Some of the worst food you can enjoy at Mexican restaurants is a Taco Salad or Tostada. A fried bowl loaded with cheese, sour cream, and guacamole can set you back for a long time calorie wise.

Chile Rellenos–not a good choice. Many are stuffed with cheese then deep fried and contain half of your daily value in fat.

* Be careful when choosing a burrito at a Mexican restaurant. While some are healthy, other’s aren’t. Burritos filled with refried beans and cheese probably aren’t the best choice calorie wise.

Chimichangas and Flautas are also considered problematic for those watching their calories because many contain a lot of the nasty ingredients listed above and are deep fried.

* Hold the margarita because it packs about 150-300 calories (depending on the size) and the salt rimmed glasses don’t help your sodium levels. In fact, it’s reported that you would need to walk for 42 minutes just to burn off a 200 calorie drink.


* Some of the best meals to enjoy at Mexican restaurants are soups. Opt for the black bean soup or gazpacho. Just don’t opt for cheese or sour cream.

Fajitas are a great choice. Often they are loaded up with extra vegetables, making them a great choice. If you skip the refried beans and rice, it’s an even better meal for you.

* A Burrito Bowl is another great option for healthy eating. Many restaurant chains allow you to pick the toppings, giving you the choice of adding beans, salad, salsa, cilantro, tomatoes, meat and other good for you ingredients. Skip the tortilla which saves you 150+ calories.

Chicken Enchiladas are a healthy option. Most are filled with chicken and topped with a delicious red sauce. Hold the cheese, refried beans and rice, or order them ala carte.

* A Beef Taco is actually a great choice. Eating one will set you back only 300 calories. Make sure they don’t fry your tacos.

* Eat a Grilled Chicken Salad–hold the cheese and dressing (or use very little) and you will enjoy a healthier meal. One good tip? Dip your fork in the dressing before dipping it into the salad. You’ll get a nice flavor but won’t use up a ton of calories.

* The Sides are a great option. Stay away from the refried beans and go for baked beans, veggies, and rice from the side dish menu.

* If you can’t stay away from the “worst” foods list, opt for the Kid’s Menu or Share an Entree. Sharing an entree halves the calories, and the kids menu gives you smaller portions equalling less calories.





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