{Tuesday’s Tips} How to Make Crockpot Recipes for Summer

During the summer, the crockpot collects dust and meals like soups, chicken dinners and roasts get put aside for foods cooked on the grill and summer salads.

But what if I told you to dust off the crockpot? Summer crockpot recipes are some of the best you will eat, and still allow you the freedom to not worry about dinner all day.

summer crockpot recipes

There are plenty of advantages to cooking in the crockpot during the summer:

1. Crockpots don’t heat up the kitchen. In fact, they use very little energy to run!

2. It’s great for summer parties: If you don’t like spending your entire night behind the grill, consider using the grill for a few side dishes and opt for cooking your meat in the crockpot.

3. Cooking meals in your crockpot allows you more freedom. Spend time out of the kitchen and with the kids at the pool or going on hikes. Get home and dinner is made for you!

4. Crockpot dinners allow you more flexibility. Running late from juniors baseball game because of traffic? No problem! Many crockpot recipes call for 4-6 or 6-8 of cooking time, leaving you room to be flexible on when you need to eat.

Several things that work well in the crockpot during the summer time: 

1. Dips: A recipe for queso is perfect in the crockpot. All the meal really requires are some tortilla chips and a salad. You can also try our creamy chicken recipe (listed below). It’s got lot’s of great uses and tastes great as leftovers!

2. Taco Meat: You can cook your taco meat right in the crockpot during the day. When you get home, fill the tacos with cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes and you’ve got a quick and easy meal.

3. Chili Dogs: Pair your favorite nitrate free hot dogs with some chili and you have crockpot chili dogs! This is a great idea for summer parties.

4. Pulled Pork or Beef: Let your roast cook in the crockpot all day then shred it right before eating. Stir your favorite sauce in with the meat and you have a quick and easy pulled meat sandwiches.

5. Salad: Yes, even salad can be cooked in the crockpot! This slow cooker chicken salad recipe caught my eye. Let the meat mixture cook all day then throw the meat into some pitas before serving.


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