{Tuesdays Tips} Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Have you ever rolled over in bed in the morning to come face to face with two little eyes staring at you?

Talk about a wake up call.

Every. Single. Morning.

I’m usually greeted by one of two people. If it’s the dog, she parks herself by the running shoes I left by my bed. I figure if everything is ready to go by my bed the night before then I’ll actually drag my butt out of bed and have no excuses but to go on that ten mile run.

Or I’m greeted by the little girl with two eyes who shouts “Mama! Hi! Meee Meow! Come!” (Meee Meow is Mickey Mouse).

Let me tell you, whether it’s the dog or the daughter who greets me in the morning, I have approximately 1.2245 seconds to drag my butt out of bed before I get licked to death by the dog or the little one starts crying.

minnie mouse birthday ideas

But this day was different. Today she came down the stairs and was so excited to show me that Mickey Mouse wasn’t on the TV–Mickey Mouse was in our HOUSE!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite show. We watch it at least several times a day. We even have approximately 15 episodes recorded. She gets more shows recorded than anyone else in the house. Talk about unfair! Her favorite character though has to be Minnie Mouse. I mean, Mickey Mouse is okay, but he doesn’t compare to Minnie Mouse.

Below are just a few simple and easy ideas we used to throw our little one a wonderful Minnie Mouse birthday!

1. A Minnie Mouse Lantern, inspired by this one. We made our lantern with a balloon, glue, water and tissue paper. 

minnie mouse lantern


2. The decorations were simple and easy. We made a balloon garland and a paper garland. Both are easy and inexpensive to make, but look so pretty when hung. 

minnie mouse birthday ideas


3. The cake to me was an utter disappointment, although she loved it. I found a pack of 24 paper straws at Michaels for only $2 and made a paper garland cake topper using a similar method. Dollar Tree came to the rescue with a Minnie Mouse figurine I used as a cake topper. 

The cake was chocolate with pink tinged (I used Natures Flavors dyes) buttercream frosting. I used a diamond pattern connected by hearts. Sorry the picture is so bad. I was trying to take a picture with my camera and keep little fingers out of the way. Someone wanted her cake!

minnie mouse birthday cake

Of course, we have to teach her that her presents are not a dance floor. She kept saying “ance, ance” for dance and singing the “Hot Dog” song.

dancing on presents

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