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San Francisco will always hold  a special place to two lovers. Young and naive to the world around them, it was just the two of them in the bustling, busy city. The newly married bride spent most of her honeymoon in this beautiful city hugging the porcelain throne in the bathroom–sick with a stomach bug. Her handsome husband spent most of his days flipping channels on the TV and napping to pass the time. A few hours a day the lovers ventured out into the bustling city–alone and in love–usually to find any restaurant offering a bowl of chicken soup for the poor sick bride.

san francisco

Ten years after their first honeymoon to that beautiful city they were able to return. The seasoned wife of now three children spent the trip worrying incessantly that one of them might fall sick. She also didn’t remember a thing that her husband pointed out to her as they walked around the city.  It was like she saw the city with new eyes, even though she had been there with her husband and with her own family several times prior.

Fast forward to today and they have now been back a few times since their ten year anniversary and regard it as one of their most favorite places. Each trip brings new outings to different places in and out of the city and visits to their favorite familiar spots. The familiar street performers are still there to greet them, keeping them awake in their hotel room as they play their drums made up five and ten gallon pails while other performers danced to their songs. Visits to their favorite bakeries, walks around the city, and trips on the water were all on the list.

The Husband

This time we ventured out to Sausalito, a quaint little town. It was wonderful being out on the water. I love boating and the ocean is absolutely amazing. This year they had the America’s Cup practices going on. We were able to watch them practice from a short distance as our boat passed. It is unlike anything you will ever see in your life.

We spent the afternoon in the small city and over an hour looking for lunch. We walked up and down the main street, finally deciding on the Salsalito Taco Shop. The staff there was amazing and treated us with the best care. We loved that they offered free range meat and fresh catch seafood in season.

I opted for meat while my wife went (of course) with seafood.

salsalito taco shop

The Wife

Of course I went with seafood! Living here in Utah has it’s perks, but fresh off the water seafood is NOT one of them. I miss the ocean and fresh seafood. I pretty much just go out there and spend days on end eating seafood.

Except for the night when we eat at Boudin Bakery. Then I have to have my sourdough apple pie for dessert. My husband always tells me “you build it up in your head all year how good it is, you’re just going to be disappointed when it doesn’t taste as good as you’ve made it out to be.”

Well, he is wrong. It ALWAYS tastes the same as it does in my head. And for that I eat every. Last. Bite. Without sharing. Because the kids aren’t around and I can. I do offer, but it’s one of those few moments I’m really glad that he doesn’t like apples.

I also couldn’t believe how COLD it was for July! Seriously, who orders (or even sells) hot cocoa at two in the afternoon in the middle of July??? Who?? It’s crazy.

This time, our hotel was around the corner from the Container Store. What an incredible store! I am totally ordering one of these now that I am home. And giving them as baby shower gifts. They might not appreciate the gift then, but when their little one becomes a toddler and into everything, they will thank me. I’m buying six of these. One for the insulin, one for the string cheese, one for the yogurts, the cookies…

fridge locker

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