25 Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

An incredible Minecraft Birthday Party can be put together in minutes with these simple themed ideas! Over twenty five different resources to throw your best party yet!

minecraft birthday party

Are your kids into Minecraft? I’ve really, REALLY tried to be. They call me every few minutes while they are playing to show me some two story house they built with a pool, or shout “come quick Mom! It’s a creeper!!!” and then some pixelated supposed zombie thing crosses the screen.

Maybe that’s my problem with Minecraft. My generation had Atari, Mario in it’s infancy and that worm game.

the worm computer game


Since that time it’s been a never ending quest for my generation to fight for our posterity by offering better graphics, more realistic looking games and games with increasingly more difficult skill level.

So why go back in time?

I just don’t get it. But maybe that’s the great thing about having kids–I’m not meant to “get it” anymore.

But I can throw one great Minecraft Party for them. With my son turning eight, I knew we were going to have a Minecraft Party. Have you looked at the stores? There aren’t any Minecraft decorations to fall back on as a quick and easy solution for a party. So it was time to fall back on option #2–the DIY version.

We searched and scoured the internet for great ideas and while we borrowed some ideas from other sites, we did come up with a few of our own new ones too. Okay, 25 different resources to be exact!


minecraft party ideas

Balloon Garland by Burnt Apple

Creeper balloons: We blew up balloons in blue, green and black and strung them on a garland. We then cut out Minecraft figure faces and glued or taped them to them.


minecraft party ideas

Minecraft Garland by Burnt Apple

A simple and easy banner, we cut out scraps of construction paper into even sized squares. We then hot glued the tops of the banner to a ribbon and made a garland. Afterwards, we took lettering and spelled out “Minecraft Party.”


minecraft party ideas

Creeper Juice by Burnt Apple

Covering a pitcher with a ribbon of scrapbook paper was simple and easy to do. Write “creeper juice” and stick whatever you want in it. We made lemonade and cut up fresh fruit.


Okay, so this is NOT my proudest of cakes. (See picture in collage above). But when I posted it on Instagram I got a few nods of sympathy. THANK YOU! We made a 9×13 inch chocolate cake (we followed the Hersheys recipe) and frosted it with the Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Frosting, saving 1/2 cup for later use. I then made a separate Hershey’s cake but halved the recipe and put that into squared brownie pans and baked them. When I pulled them out I let them cool then cut them into small cubes. I made this buttercream recipe for one and kept a tsp of it white and dyed the remaining green with my Nature’s Flavors natural food dyes.  I then dipped the tops of the cubes into chocolate, white, or green frosting and pressed the cubes into the top of the chocolate cake until I assembled a Herobrine cake.


minecraft party

Minecraft Outdoor Party by Parties 4 Ever

All out party with great easy games, a fabulous “cubed” invitation and plenty of party food and crafts to keep the 11 year olds satisfied. Plus, how to host a secret “creeper” attack. Parties 4 Ever threw a wonderful outdoor Minecraft party!


minecraft birthday party ideas


This indoor Minecraft birthday party is over the top! No detail was left undone. I love the TNT and the brewing stations. Even if a party like this is out of the question, just ooh and aah over the pictures.

Updated Link Courtesy Kylie Made by a Princess Party Styles: http://www.madebyaprincessparties.com/2013/07/minecraft-birthday-party/


minecraft costume

Minecraft Costume by Amazon.com

Lo and behold, there actually are some decorations available to purchase for a Minecraft party. While some of the prices are alittle over my budget, there are some fun items you might want for your party. Although I don’t quite know what to think about the above creeper heads. But it could work for Halloween.


minecraft party craft

A Simple and Easy Minecraft Activity Courtesy of The Kitchen Magpie

This simple and easy birthday party is no fuss! I love the perler beads craft activity and the simple and easy finger food and cupcakes. Great ideas for throwing together a very simple and easy Minecraft Party.


minecraft birthday cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake from Raining Hot Coupons

Wowsa! Not only did Sarah of Living Hot with Coupons use four, yes four!! cake mixes and lot’s of manpower hours to make this gorgeous Minecraft cake, but she also designed a killer Minecraft party to go with it!


minecraft birthday crafts

Keitha’s Chaos Made This Minecraft T-Shirt

I loved Keitha of Keitha’s Chao idea–make Minecraft shirts! A simple and easy idea for a Minecraft birthday party craft, plus she included lot’s of great links to Minecraft printables. Get your printer warmed up and ready!


minecraft cake

Simple Minecraft Cake Squares from Candy Bar Cupcakes


These simple and easy Creeper cake squares from Candy Bar Cupcakes are made with a simple chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, Color Mist and a fruit leather. Why didn’t I see these before?


minecraft pinata

A Fun and Easy Minecraft Ghast Pinata from Domestic Femme

Simple step by step instructions are included for making this incredible looking (but easy!) Minecraft Ghast Pinata from Domestic Femme.


minecraft cake pops

These Authentic Looking Cake Pops are Made by Kara of Kara’s Party Ideas

If you aren’t a big cake or cupcake eater, perhaps you might want to try your hand at these utterly adorable Minecraft cake pops. (Just don’t say the word adorable around your kids). Kara of Kara’s Party Ideas does a great job of making some authentic looking Minecraft cake pops.


minecraft party

Easy Party Favors From Paperblog

These printable sleeves fit right over a candy bar and feature figures from Minecraft. There is a pig, sheep and cow, along with TNT. A great party favor for each guest to bring home with them.


minecraft party ideas

Minecraft Goody Bags by I Lift Heavy Things

These themed goody bags included a plastic creeper sandwich container filled with a bead sword, tattoos, a granola bar and candy. Love it!


minecraft party invitation

This Minecraft Party Invitation was Made by Seaside Interiors.

These printable Minecraft party invitations are a hit! I love the look and think they would be perfect when delivered with a water bottle wrapped with a creeper. Great job!


minecraft party games

Pin the Tail on The Pig, Minecraft Bingo and More Party Games from Mama D and Da Boyz

I fell in love with these Minecraft games as soon as I saw them. Mama D and Da Boyz sure knows how to throw together some simple party games. Try this Pin the Tail on the Pig game, bingo, or cube assembly craft.


minecraft magnet

Minecraft Magnets From Level Up Studios

These would be a great game for kids to play, or as a gift or party favor if your budget allows. Kids will have a blast arranging and rearranging the magnets into different designs.


photo (8)

 What to use this for? The possibilities seem endless! While the author originally used it as Christmas coal, you could also make “Minecraft Coal” and use it as a snack, a thank you for coming to the party, or attached to a birthday invitation.


minecraft party games

Exploding TNT and Digging for Diamonds are Just a Few of the Fun Party Games You’ll Find from Paula Gilarde

Coke and Mentos is a popular game with kids, so why not make it resemble TNT? We loved this fun and inexpensive game idea that any kid would love to experiment with. She also came up with a great Digging for Diamonds game too!


minecraft wedding

This Minecraft Wedding Also Has Some Great Ideas for Birthday’s Too!

Okay, I’m trying to come up with Minecraft birthday props, not wedding props. However, when I saw these life sized boxes wrapped in paper to resemble pigs, sheeps and other Minecraft inspired animals I thought it would be so fun to include in a photo prop booth or as a decoration for your own party. See, I haven’t lost my mind…yet.


minecraft printables

Minecraft Printables, Courtesy of the Minecraft Fan Club

These printable Minecraft papers crafts would be a perfect craft for your party or great for your child who loves to assemble things. (I’m bookmarking it for a rainy day craft). You can also use them for table decorations or even an inexpensive cake topper.


minecraft birthday gift

A Knitted Creeper Hat by Krista of Five Speckled Eggs

If you want to extend the Minecraft themed birthday party to the gifts too,  consider the talents of Krista of Five Speckled Eggs. She shows you how to make this creeper inspired knitted birthday hat. This would be perfect for the colder seasons! I might have to enlist my knitting neighbors to make this for my son!


minecraft gift

Minecraft Tie Gift from Nothin But Country

Do your boys wear ties to church? These ties are an easy and inexpensive gift for the little boy in your life. He will go to church in style with his creeper tie from Minecraft!


minecraft gifts

Minecraft Plush from JINX

Now your child can literally eat, play and sleep Minecraft. These adorable Minecraft plushes are perfect for girls or boys! While you could go with my route and buy them you could also opt for a DIY method if you’re crafty.

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