Eight Insulin Pump Sites in Four Days

The end of the summer went out with a bang. We spent the last shreds of summer before school started in one of our favorite places, Saint George, Utah.

saint george utah

Luckily we have family that lives there making it easier for us to go. This time our trip wasn’t a vacation. We were helping family move down there. My poor husband worked himself to the bone for four days to help them.

Sometimes he stole a few moments of sleep in the moving van:

man napping

With the hundred degree days down there this time of year it could get tough for the insulin pump site to stay in. He ended up going through eight, yes eight! sites in four days. Three were the two year olds fault. She kicked them out several times in the pool trying to use it like a rock climbing hold for her foot. Not such a fun idea for Dad.

By the time we got home not only were his muscles completely sore but his stomach from all the insulin pump sites.

Poor guy. We let him nap all he wanted!

And of course he totally took advantage of it.

Other fun moments from our trip:

wiggle car

We called it storage unit racing. The kids raced around the storage unit on a wiggle car while we were moving our family members things into a storage unit.

toddler napping

Of course, the little one got tired after awhile so she made her bed on top of a moving cart. The rest didn’t last long as the older kids decided to race around the storage unit with her.

wagon racing

Of course, we did make some time for our favorite morning walks. We love looking for jackrabbits, lizards, quail and other wildlife while we walk. Our goal? Walk up the hill then take the wagon, wiggle cars and scooters and race down the hill. Whoever can stop at the street up to grandma’s house without racing past wins. Or whoever scares Mom the worst as she races after them wins.

We always love our trips to Saint George, even if they become a working vacation!!


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