End of Summer Outdoor Party for Girls Night!

Nothing is sweeter than tucking the kids in bed, saying good night to your husband and heading out the door to girls night. Especially when one of the girls gets a new house. Than it’s time to celebrate! This time we celebrated with a great outdoor party.

It’s always fun when your friend buys a new home. It’s fun to see how they’ve decorated and the new layout. Our friend bought a beautiful old farm home that sits on two acres. It used to be a working goat cheese and soap farm.

We enjoyed a fun night of games, homemade ice cream, desserts and chips and dip.

outdoor party

The decorations were gorgeous! I’m lovin’ the barn door and doilies in the background. A cut up log made the perfect table for a water pitcher and a wooden stool became a bottle holder.

Of course, a little mischeivious kitty would come by and knock those milk bottles over. She was enjoying the party as much as we were. Here she is scouring for her next party favor to try:

outdoor party ideas


Later on in the night we broke out  board games to play. Of course, we caught up on all the latest news and stories about our kids, each other, and our husbands before that.

outdoor party

An old wooden ladder served as a great resting spot for the games. Wooden crates were great holders for plates and utensils. A garland made of fabric scraps hung from the stairs. Colored flowers offset the neutral woodsy tones.

Later on when the sun went down we relaxed and ate on blankets with cut wood logs serving as candle holders. We didn’t anticipate it getting so cold, so our friends husband came to the rescue and built a bonfire that served as a great source of light and heat.

fall outdoor party

It was so fun to celebrate a special day for our friend. Getting a new home is so fun and we were happy to be there to celebrate!




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  1. Wow! Your decor is stunning! I absolutely love it! I hope the party was a blast!!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique


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