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giving thanks for giving

Most days he goes by the label “Dad,” “Son,” or “Honey.”

But when I curl up next to him in bed, a little lump protruding from the side of his stomach keeps me from forgetting. Middle of the night bathroom trips find one of us entangled in a line of plastic tubing or lying on a cell phone sized medical device. And the worst nights ever send me dialing 9-1-1 or rushing around to help attend to him.

The good thing is you probably wouldn’t know if you met us that anything was ever “unordinary.”

But it is.

Diabetes effects every aspect of our life, yet my husband selflessly works hard to never allow it to. Today, I’m giving thanks for him teaching us what it means to be selfless.

Whenever he has a low blood sugar, he grabs as much food as he can, leaving the mess behind. I jokingly complained one time about the leftover graham crackers and peanut butter forming a glue like paste on the kitchen counters when I would find it hours after one of his middle of the night low blood sugars –not even to him, mind you–but he now cleans up no matter how low. Which can be a pretty hard thing to do when you’re trying to do anything through a foggy, fuzzy tunnel of a brain and limbs that seem uncooperatively jello like. And don’t forget the numb fingertips and the extremities not connecting with the brain making even opening a jar of peanut butter an olympic feat.

After a low, pure exhaustion sets in as the body tries to right itself. Most days instead of getting the nap he needed, he would get into the car and drive over an hour at five in the morning to go off to work–fighting pure exhaustion with every mile. He would then work a twelve hour day only to turn around and drive back home. He came home exhausted and tired, yet still managed to help kids with homework and get them off to bed

Then there are the other days. The days that his blood won’t go back to normal no matter what he tries. The days that his insulin pump site falls out and his blood skyrockets into higher area code numbers. He throws up, waves of nausea roll over his body, horrible cramps cause his legs and arms to weaken. He can’t drink enough to get the feeling of thirst or cotton mouth to go away. Every minute it takes to get his blood sugar to go down to normal levels feels like an hour.

For me, it is torture to watch him go through what he has to. What I wouldn’t give to take away his pain or illness once in awhile. But he never offers it. He never asks why this happened to him in the first place, or why he has to go though this. It’s a part of him, and he accepts it. And only asks for us to do the same.

It’s hardest on the kids.

At first.

Now they understand the jargon, the different jokes we make. They selflessly pitch in with younger siblings when I have to attend to their dad. They never mind racing to help their Dad when he needs it, but give me the hardest time with getting everyday household chores done. They race to curl up with him on the couch, or bring him a snack when he feels too weak to get one himself. They’ve learned what selfless unconditional love is, and that is something that any parent has difficulty teaching a child. I thank him for teaching not only our children, but me. He stands as an example to me everyday of my life. I am grateful for that example and the love that he shows me. The patience he has for me as I learn.

One day after a severly low blood sugar I saw him curled up on the couch with my oldest daughter. His arm was wrapped around her and she was cuddled up with her head on his chest. They were watching a television show together quietly. He looked up at me and with a tear in his eye he mouthed the words “thank you.”

I feel rather silly. It’s not me he should thank, but me him.

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I am teaming up with Cooking Plan It to celebrate people who make a difference in the lives of others this holiday season. Share your story of inspiration and hope and you could win! And not only you win, but the charity of your choice and the person who has been an inspiration to you. Check out the details below and get your story entered, so we can give thanks to you and the people who give back to all of us.


Share a story (in 300 words or less) about someone you know who gives their time, energy and/or love in the spirit of helping others without thinking of themselves.

Both you and your hidden hero could win:

  • $100 for you and $250 for them (Five Winners Chosen)
  • Plus one lucky winner will select a local charity to receive a $1,000 donation directly from Cooking Planit
Check out the Official Rules and Story Guidelines for more information.
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  1. Desiree h says:

    The second person I would like to nominate is my brother! They are expecting their first child! He is so giving!!! He has given money to a LOT of people! He gives without expecting anything in return! He gives all of his knowledge about the Bible! Him and his wife go witness to people and provide food for the homeless in their downtown city! He is constantly bring a great example to people and gives his time and love ! He is so patient and kind to everyone! He gives mostly by witnessing and giving food or money to those who need it. He donates each month to a charity and tithes as well to others and his church. He always covers for people at work who need a shift covered. He gives me great advice in prayer and love. He is a great person and also deserves this!! I’d love to give him this for him and his wife!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Rena Hyde says:

    I would like to nominate my dad. He is a great man and does everything he can for us without asking for anything in return. My parents have 6 children together and my dad has always worked so my mom could be a stay at home mom. He has had to have 2 jobs while working with my cousin on the side to make ends meet, but he never complained. There were many times he didn’t get home until 9 pm and have to be back at work at 6 am, but he always made sure he made it to our school events. In 2006, he fell off a ladder at work and broke his neck. While his neck was broke, my mom started working and my dad took care of us even with a broken neck. When he was finally able to work again, they fired him 2 months later because he couldn’t do what he could before. My father wasted no time looking for another job so my mom could quit her job. When I started college, I didn’t have my license, so my dad would drive me 25 minutes to class and home each day since I was too scared to get a dorm on campus. He never even complained. He has been in a lot of pain recently and found out he has gout in his hand and arthritis from his neck down his arm from breaking his neck. Even that didn’t stop him from doing all he could for his family. My sister had to move back home with her kids and my dad helps them every way he can. My dad is my nephews hero and he always tells everyone he wants to be just like my dad when he grows up.

  3. Desiree h says:

    The last person I would like to nominate is my husband! He has such a gentle, kind, giving spirit! Every time we receive money he is already naming someone we need to give it to. He would give the shirt off of his back to anyone! He is a wonderful father to our twins. He gives me such confidence even with stretch marks and baby fat daily by telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me! He gives so much time at work. He is always helping someone. There was a new guy at his work that needed a ride every day for about 3 months and my husband was more than willing to loose that extra 20 mins of sleep in the morning and spend the extra 30 mins a day going out of his way! He gives training help to others , too just so they success! He is in sakes and many times after getting a sale he will split the commission with others who need the money or may have helped him, although that is not required! He helps people all of the time. He is such a blessing in my life and I couldn’t ask for a better husband. After all the things I’ve learned about him, one of them is how giving he is to others!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  4. I would definitely nominate my mom. She gives everything she has for her children. I know there is nothing she wouldn’t do for us. She is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and my FREE daycare provider. We love her so much and would love for her to get recognized!

  5. I love you story (life). We never know how strong we can be until we have to be. And, what lessons for children.

    All the stories are so inspiring. Life is full of many challenges and many opportunities to grow and learn from them.

  6. I nominate my mom, Dorothy Lippy. Ever since I was little and can remember my mother will not buy anything for herself. She won’t purchase clothes, anything really. YOu have to force her to go get a new pair of pants. It is ridiculous. Though she was always the only one with a job. Always working 6-7 days a week. She would spend her money on us kids, or my lazy father.
    All she does is work. She doesn’t get to do anything else. Her company really doesn’t appreciate her either, though she helps train most the people. Even knows more then most supervisors. They yell at her for getting overtime, then ask her to stay.
    My mom has taken years of mental abuse from my lazy father. Yet she grew up in a era of you don’t get divorced. He takes her money and goes gambling and drinking. My mother really is a good person and deserves to win this. She spends all her time helping others. I really wish she would take some time to herself. She never puts herself first. She won’t even go to a doctor or anything. Really wish she could have some down time with her grandson. I know she would LOVE that. He is her EVERYTHING!

  7. I nominate my mother. She has given much to many people. She is very generous and tries to help.

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