Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Drink

Do you get to be in charge of the Halloween party at your kids school this year? I seem to always get volunteered by my son who casually slips into a conversation with the room mom that I am happy to be in charge of food or games. Then the call comes. One year as a first year elected volunteer I asked the room mom seriously if I got reimbursed for party costs or if I had a specific budget that had been allotted for the class of 27 kids. She gave me the look and┬áreplied with an answer that went along the lines of “your pocketbook.”

healthy halloween drink

So how do you throw a fun kids party for not very much money? And more importantly, how do you do it and not add to the sugary fiesta that ultimately ensues with 27 kids who have had nothing to eat all day but sugar?

halloween drink

This year we are opting to bring some fun to our party with a hauntingly healthy Halloween drink. You will probably see this recipe floating around the web on other sites but most use Kool Aid. And even though that is the cheapest option sugar + artificial dyes + artificial flavors = disaster kid.

halloween drink

Our recipe uses several different healthier options to make sure your kids enjoy a fun and healthy Halloween drink.

healthy drink

Of course, the dogs have just as much fun with the ice too! If you look closely, you can see she looks like she’s been smoking.

dog with dry ice


Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Drink


  • Natural or Organic Juice--Cranberry for Red, Blueberry for Blue, or White Grape or Apple
  • Dry Ice (1 pound of dry ice per gallon of juice)
  • Vegetable Based Food Dyes (optional) We rotate between Nature's Flavors and India Tree


  1. Pour the juice into a large bowl. Stir in some natural food dyes if desired.
  2. To serve, place dry ice into bowl.
  3. 1 pound of dry ice in one gallon of juice will last approximately one hour


Dry ice can be purchased for $1-2 per pound at stores carrying dry ice. You can find dry ice by going to the site www.dryicedirectory.com Use tongs and oven mitts when handling dry ice. Dry ice can burn your skin. Do not eat dry ice.


This post contains an affiliate link to Nature’s Flavors. We were given product to sample, however our opinion of the products are our own.

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  1. This is just awesome! I love how that it’s a healthier version too. And what kid (and many adults!) wouldn’t love to drink a “potion”?

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