Diabetes Awareness Month Photo a Day #dmpad

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month and the next few days themes are “sweet” and “happy.”

I can’t think of anything sweeter or happier than a fall day. I was able to catch my two youngest playing in the fall leaves before the sun went down one night. They were supposed to be raking, but how can you get mad at this?

“Hey sis, wanna play in the leaves?”

girl in fall leaves

“Oh, WOW!”

girl in leaves


“Okay, just put the leaves on my head, and then I’ll say ‘BOO!’ and pop out at you!” 


boy in leaves

“Where is he?” 

boy in leaves


“Now it’s MY turn! Except don’t bury my head, ‘kay?” 

girl in leaves


“Raining leaves!”

 boy in leaves


And then there’s the totally unexplainable pictures in our family:

happy dog


Even through all of the trials, it’s good to look back and remember these memories. They are the ones that keep you going through the hard days.

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