The Big “D”

Maybe it’s because my husband has been unemployed for over a year and this year just seems harder.

Maybe it’s because every little bill seems like an unsurmountable obstacle.

Maybe it’s that life gets more expensive the older everyone gets.

But this year, the Big “D” just seems impossibly unbearable.

insurance deductible

Christmas is an expensive time of year, no doubt. My husband and I felt pretty good about it though. We survived, we made it. But as soon as the presents were unwrapped and the Christmas tree and ornaments put away, the thought of the Big “D” loomed overhead.

January and February come along and we place our insulin orders, get our yearly checkups and fill pharmacy orders so we can eliminate the Big “D” right off the bat.

Over the past few years that Big “D” has gotten larger, and the portion that we pay not only at the beginning of the year but throughout the year as well.

This year it seems a little more bitter than most. We are grateful that we have insurance with all the trouble that it may give us from time to time.

We are also grateful for our health. We hear so many stories from friends and other family members and are just in awe of what they face day to day. They are amazing and make our troubles seem so trivial.

We are grateful for your stories which inspire us and keep us going when we are feeling down.

Thank you for all of your support. We have big, BIG changes on the horizon for our whole family and we are excited to share those with you after they come along.

For now though we have to be content with what stage we are in now. And that isn’t always the easiest thing, is it?

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