Healthy Leprechaun Donuts

What a fun activity to do with your children!

leprechaun donuts

We love Family Fun Magazine at our house and this recipe for leprechaun donuts really stood out to us. We totally wanted to do it and ended up making it into our movie night treat. We knew we could make it a little healthier, so we opted to make some changes and substitutions.

Family Fun Magazine Leprechaun Donuts

Leprechaun Donut Printable and Instructions

For the Leprechaun donuts:

Multigrain Cheerio’s

Nature’s Path Gluten Free O’s

For the Toppings:

We used dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate.

Use naturally dyed sprinkles. You can buy some from India Tree, make your own rainbow sprinkles from Eating Vibrantly, grab some fun and unique sprinkles from Sprinkelz, or make your own naturally dyed sugar sprinkles by the Reynold’s Mom.

You can dip the tops of your leprechaun donuts in marshmallow fluff. Walden Farms sells a variety of natural marshmallow fluff.

Made a sugar water mixture out of raw sugar and water, then dipped them in a raw sugar/cinnamon mixture. You could also use coconut sugar or powdered or granulated honey.

Enjoy making your healthy leprechaun donuts this St. Patrick’s Day! Your leprechaun will thank you!



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