Secret Spy Activity

This week is spring break for us and we are definetely looking for some ways to stay busy. This secret spy activity kept the boy scouts I teach entertained for an entire hour. That is always a bonus. Here is our super easy spy activity to keep your kids busy too:

secret spy activity


A secret spy kit contains some very important things from disguises to notebooks were used for writing down secret messages, a pen, a snack (spies get hungry!) and the printable disguises. We packaged these in a manila envelope and marked it with “confidential” on the outside. You can use a stamp or easily print something off on the computer if you want a more professional look to the outside of your envelopes.

If you have a little larger budget, you can buy a briefcase or other plastic container to hold all of your spy gear. Put some rearview sunglasses inside, a walkie talkie, or an invisible ink pen.

Printable Disguises from Livin Locurto  (pdf)

Rearview Sunglasses

Invisible Ink Pen


1. Secret Code: Have kids write a secret code on a piece of paper using lemon juice. Use Q tips or paintbrushes to write with. Allow the lemon juice to dry. To view the message, run a warm hair dryer over the message or a wax crayon.

2. Fingerprint Match: Have each kid (or member of the family) take a fingerprint of one of their fingers. Match the fingerprints to the correct person.

3. Bomb Stomp Obstacle Course:  Place black balloons in a room filled with obstacles like running through cones, hula hoops, etc. Have the kids “diffuse” the bombs by stomping on them and setting them off.

4. Laser Course: A spy must learn agility. Have the kids make a laser obstacle course with string, then have them find their way through it.


Other great sites that offer information that we found useful for our activity include:

Top Spy Secrets: Offers an 18 page free downloadable book on becoming a spy, free printable spy gear like periscopes and keyhole finders, and information on what real spies do.

Secret Code Breaker: Great information on learning about the use of secret codes in history, making your own ciphers, and instructions on how to break secret codes.


A trip to the library is a great way to get more information on becoming a spy (and allowing you some free time). We loved these two books on becoming a spy:

Mini Mysteries from American Girl

Spy Science by Jim Wiese


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  1. What a fabulous idea to keep some inquisitive little minds busy! You must be a terrific denmother!!

    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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