I Tried To Let My Son Sluff School

My poor son waited all year for his school field trip. His sister got to go bowling and they then had a big picnic after in the park. He was hoping it would be something equally fun.

Nope. They went on a trip to the grocery store to sample vegetables (we had already done this for Scouts) and then to a museum that our family took all of ten minutes to go through but they planned on being at for several hours. He was devastated. He worked hard all year and was so sad that they didn’t get to go somewhere fun.

I debated just sending him. The evil Mom side of me thought ‘I’m going to be entertaining him the ENTIRE summer. SEND HIM!’ The nice Mom side of me thought ‘how would YOU feel at HIS age? Enjoy the time with him.’ I talked to my husband who immediately said, “Let him stay home.”

So I got excited. A whole day with my son and I to hang out? The day came and we headed to the computer to find a movie. Nothing opened until 3:00pm. No sweat. We’d go to the batting cages. Not open until 3:00pm. We went down and down and down the list and finally found the only thing opened was the skate park.

I remember sluffing school was so much easier when I was younger.

But we had a great time.

orem city skate park


Of course, no week would be complete without our little crazies. One thinks she is human, the other thinks that she is a flying superhero dog. Perhaps we’ve been letting her watch too much Underdog lately.

crazy dogs


Sorry, the pics were taken on our cell phone camera. If I break out the actual camera they go crazy and know there is food involved. If I break out the cell phone they just relax and think my pre teen is taking another selfie of herself.

And what week would be complete without these little guys (and gals)? At two weeks old they are absolutely adorable. They are just opening their eyes and exploring the world around them.

two week old puppies


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