Two Year Old Timeout

Brother’s getting SERIOUS today. You don’t mess with his soccer game. When my two year old kept bothering him he decided to take matters into his own hands.┬áHe came up with his own version of a two year old timeout.

Screams of “Mommmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!” were heard from the kitchen window where I was furiously trying to catch up on dishes from dinner earlier. (See: oh crap! the husband is coming home in fifteen minutes and I’ve got to make it look like I’ve done something all day).

I ran into the backyard where I found this:

two year old time out

I lost it.

I started laughing hysterically. It was pretty genius. She couldn’t figure out to go underneath the chain so she just sat there screaming for me. She wasn’t even crying. She was just ticked. I was laughing so hard that she started laughing.

two year old in time out

Of course, I saw ‘the look’ from across the backyard. Big brother saw Mom laughing and thought he did good. Finally, FINALLY!!!!! he was able to get one of his sisters back and he wasn’t going to get into trouble for it. Mom was laughing, right??

Wrong. Big brother got into trouble.



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