The $35 Couch Fix

A cheap couch repair that only takes a couple of hours of time and just a few dollars of your budget. A simple and easy couch fix!

cheap couch repair

For the past fourteen years our couches have served us well. They were comfortable day one. (A bonus for hours of Sunday football). Over the years they began to fit like an old pair of jeans. We talked about letting them go, but  just can’t get rid of them. Our couches and I have spent nights together holding sick kids. They’ve endured my husband and I cuddling up on them while watching a movie. Sunday cartoons are read while the kids feet are propped up on them. Visits from friends and family. We just couldn’t let them go.

cheap couch repair

But like anything they aren’t perfect. The color has had to be resprayed twice because it rubs off. Markers and pencils have blemished the cushions. Food is tucked into the crevices. It’s beginning to show cracks and wear and tear.

And then there was the puppy. After a recent trip we came home to find the puppy sitter had left the puppy inside a little too long  and the puppy got hungry. She ate the bottom of the couch, our TV remote (literally, ate it!) and some of our living room baseboards.

couch fix

It’s been an embarrassing thorn in our side. People come into the living room and it’s the first thing that they see. My husband and I didn’t want to put in the money to replace them but we weren’t ready to part and buy new ones either.

One day, my husband came up with a solution. Why not remove the foam and leather from the bottom and replace it with wood?

cheap couch fix

We went to the hardware store, grabbed a piece of wood and measured the bottom of the couch. My husband routered the edges to give it a clean look and I was in charge of staining and applying polyurethane to the wood. It was a cheap couch repair fix that only cost us $35 and a couple of hours worth our time. Easy couch fix! Sorry the pictures are so poor. The living room has the worst lighting of all the rooms.


For this project you will need: 

Wood–Knotty alder, hemlock, maple, pine, etc.



Foam Brushes for Stain

Drop Cloth

Router and Saw




Cut the wood to the dimensions of the couch. You can see on our project that we cut it to fit the interior of the couch. Using the router, round the edges of the wood as desired. Sand the wood until smooth. Wipe away excess sawdust before staining.

Stain the wood according to manufacturers directions, placing the wood on a drop cloth before staining. Allow the stain to dry, then use polyurethane to seal.

Allow poly to dry. To prep the couch, tilt the couch back and remove any foam padding and fabric from the area you will be covering with the wood. Have one person hold the new piece of wood in place on the couch while another person screws the wood into place from the backend of the couch. You will want the screw to go through the old wood of the couch and grab the new wood without the screws poking through the new wood.

Continue placing screws until wood is secured. We used approximately eight for our loveseat and twelve for our couch.

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