Glow in the Dark Halloween Drinks

Glow in the dark Halloween drinks use one special ingredient to turn any drink into a party! 

It’s Halloween time and it’s time for some fun Halloween drinks. Last year we made a Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Drink with dry ice. This year, we are using one special ingredient to make juice come to life.

glow in the dark drink

That special ingredient? Tonic water. Tonic water glows wonderful under a florescent black light. There are several benefits of tonic water:

1. Leg Cramps: Many people have stated that they have found beneficial effects from drinking a little bit of tonic water to help leg cramps.

2. Malaria: Quinine can prevent the spread of the malaria parasite to spread through the bloodstream. It has been used as a natural treatment to spread the disease.

3. Deer Ticks: While quinine does not eliminate deer ticks, there is some evidence that quinine helps to treat babesiosis–a parasite spread by deer ticks.

4. Shivering: Oh my goodness if I knew this ten winters ago it would’ve been so nice! ‘Back in the day’ the Quechua Indians drank it to help fight the effects of the cold temperatures.

Here’s the downside: Tonic water tastes AWFUL because of the quinine. So use some care. A little splash of tonic water mixed into juice will still glow great under a black light.

We used several different kinds of juice–the darker the juice the harder it will be to see it glow under the black light. You will still see a glowing green rim but to get that fun “wow” factor you will want to use a lighter colored drink.

Happy Halloween!

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