Dog Gastrointestinal Problems

My dog could probably tell you some stories about our family. Of course, we could tell you about her. Dog gastrointestinal problems are real and can be helped a lot with a few simple tips. 

german shorthair pointer

If my dog could talk.

(I’m actually grateful that she can’t).

Because she could probably tell you that she can’t tell the difference between the smell that rotting food smells like and my son’s socks he admitted to not changing in over two weeks. She could probably tell you that she may have been the one to sneak those remaining bites of barbeque chips someone left after eating them in their bedroom for breakfast and not wanting Mom to know. She could probably tell you we all have our own unique smells and scents depending on our workout or what kind of work we did that day.

She could probably tell you all of that…if she could talk.

Of course we have stories and ammunition on her too.

dog trouble

She can become quite the counter cruiser. And when you have a house full of kids with her outnumbered it usually means she’s going to find something quite pleasing to her palate.

A leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

A half eaten bowl of cereal left on the counter when the eater had to rush out the door to avoid being late for school.

A new found three year old “friend” who feels she must share her food with the dog too.

With that, we enjoy a few ‘surprises’ when sitting in the living room. When she curls up on one of the kids beds at night, you’ll hear a random shout out of “Chelsea….eeeewwwww!!! That stinks!!” from a quiet house all tucked into sleep.

dog gastrointestinal problems

Yes, dog gastrointestinal problems are real too.  It’s a messy topic, but an important one that all dog owners can relate to. With the holidays around the corner, Royal Canin is working to raise awareness of the importance of getting dog gastrointestinal problems taken care of immediately with a visit to your veterinarian

Several years ago we had a five year old lab Sadie who began experiencing dog gastrointestinal problems. She began throwing up everything she ate or drank. We later found through the power of the internet and many many baffled doctors visits that our dogs esophagus had swollen to the size of a baseball in one area–making it impossible for her to digest food. We know in our case how important the internet was in finding an answer, so we agreed to work with Royal Canin in helping other dog owners.

boy with dog

We all love our dogs and they are an important part of our family. It’s important to keep your dog happy and healthy through regular vet visits and proper nutrition. When your dog has symptoms of an upset stomach (diarrhea, bad flatulence), it’s important to take him to your veterinarian so they can get to the bottom of their GI issue and prevent any more accidents at home.  Science is the best way to look at every issue your dog may have. For more pet health nutrition information, you can go to!search/ask+the+vet.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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