New Year’s Tree

Today we’re revisiting one of our favorite posts from last year–our New Year’s Tree. We buy our tree on December 23 and found this to be a fun way to get our tree to last longer (and to motivate me to get the ornaments off the tree before February). Have a great New Year’s by starting a fun tradition we know your family will love!

new years tree

“Last night (New Year’s Eve) the kids took down the ornaments and after they went to bed I quickly threw a few streamers across the tree,

new years tree

put up a ¬†Happy New Year’s sign and put a few poppers in the tree.

new years tree

When the kids wake up tomorrow morning they will see a beautiful new tree! And I will love it because most of the things in the tree can be taken off and used.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Holiday!


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