Our Favorites From 2014

On Monday we highlighted your favorite recipes from 2014. Today we are highlighting some of our favorites from the past year.

ranch bbq wings


January is always fun as we explore the proposed health trends for the year. Did you embrace the cauliflower and egg craze? Our ranch oyster cracker recipe became one of your favorites for the Superbowl, while we munched on spicy ranch bbq wings at our celebration.

naturally dyed red velvet cake


We aren’t big on Valentine’s Day instead opting to celebrate our anniversary this month over the day of love. But we did heart these homemade healthy pixie sticks that are great for kids with allergies! We gave ours out as Valentine’s Gifts. Our rather unique technique has been seen adopted all over the web. We also made this incredible naturally dyed red velvet cake. My mouth waters just thinking about it!


Once March rolls around I can just FEEL spring in the air. It makes me happy. I am NOT a winter lover. St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with one of my favorite pancake recipes.

quinoa breakfast bread


While the Easter bunny came visiting the kids, I was secretly glad he left some of this delicious bread Easter morning for us adults.

protein pancakes


Another pancake recipe made the list for most popular. Protein power anyone? My favorite part of the month had to be making my nephew’s one year old birthday cake. While the older kids enjoyed a hidden treasure cake, he got a healthier version. Of course, all the fun came to an abrupt stop when my son decided to take parenting into his own hands. He has a rather…unique method of parenting.


Summer was in the air and that meant I got to play entertainer to a house full of kids for the next three months. It was also a time that was pretty tough for my husband when a doctor decided to cut his insulin dosages in half without tapering. I felt the need to indulge in a lot of these this month to survive.

healthy nacho cheese sauce


This was the hardest month to choose which recipe made our favorites. There were just so many! I’m glad that you picked a few of our favorites from this month. Our favorite recipe that didn’t quite make the top 10 list of your favorites but still prompted one reader to privately email me to tell me she loved it so much she snuck a container of it into theater was this amazingly good recipe.


August was a rough month for our family when one dog took our couch into her own hands. I thought that was the hardest but the support of family made this even more difficult event easier. I also did something I’ve never done before–I posted this.

  fast cinnamon rolls


A surprise visit to this wonderful establishment left us wondering how we went from this to this in our life in a span of just a few months. It all ended well because football season arrived and our favorite recipes like this and this could be enjoyed hot out of the oven!


Hurrah for pumpkin season! It arrived with some amazing new recipes! We did manage to squeeze in a few healthy pumpkin recipes like this one, we also made sure that the kids had fun with healthy drinks that glowed! We also threw out our tips for saving money on healthy foods.

turkey cranberry sandwich


What a fun month! Our life seemed to be getting back on track with a job change for my husband. Life didn’t just seem better because of my discovery of this though. No, it was good because it was turkey month. This sandwich was incredible! Our first snowstorm of the year also made me realize that winter was just around the corner. This fun winter activity has become a hit for winter time fun in our house!


I graduated from college! But that wasn’t the only fun event that happened this month. This event helped me realize that my family is normal. In the best totally unnormal way possible. December also seems to bring out nostaligic family recipes and traditions and new favorites like this.

Above all, this year we are grateful for the continued support of you, our readers and for our family and friends. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Our road is rather unique, but it’s not extraordinary. We are constantly learning and growing from you. Thank you for making our year one to remember!

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