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I’m having one of those days when writers block seems to be the theme of the day and too many random thoughts are wandering through my head. Enter in and enjoy!

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On Potty Training…..

We lost the “golden” potty training months because of my 3 1/2 year old’s older brother scaring her away from the potty for a year. We finally are getting her near the toilet again and are working on potty training. It hasn’t been without it’s trials though. She’s a stinker.

The other day she got to wearing her training pants. She only gets to wear them when she uses the potty and LOVES them. We had the clock set for every 30 minutes. Shortly before her thirty minutes she comes out to the kitchen naked from the waist down, wet training pants in one hand and a diaper in the other.

“Here Mom, here’s my twaining pants. Can you put my diaper on? I don’t want to use the potty anymore. Is exhausting.”

And then the other day. When asked if she needed to use the potty, “Nope, not today. Maybe tomorrow.”

selfie toaster

On Selfies…

Having a preteen in the house has been enlightening. I swear every single one of her friends Instagram posts is a selfie. I am also getting so tired of my camera on my phone staring at me when I go to take a picture of the kids. Looking at myself is something I avoid at all costs. In honor of the selfie revolution I’m thinking of ordering these for my daughter and her friends birthdays. They also work great for those narcisstic friends who have everything. Er. Kim K?

brooks ravenna

On Running Shoes…

Yes, I’m talking shoes. I went way too long on my old pair. Like almost seven months. Shin splints are back with a vengeance. Along with the remnants of my groin strain. I’ve been a firm Mizuno fan for…forever. I haven’t wanted to change until I got my groin strain. It was hard, but I actually switched brands. When I was jogging while trying different brands the Mizuno’s hurt. HURT! So I switched to a Brooks pair. Hope running on these will help me heal up fast. Maybe one day I’ll be back Mizuno. I feel like I’m going through a break up.


On Traveling…

I miss my husband. A lot. While I’ve always been pretty independent, somehow not seeing my husband for months on end has brought out my whiny ‘poor me’ side. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. A few days ago I was reminded that whenever I feel I may have it tough, someone else always has it tougher making my own problems seem trivial. So as hard as it was that day I plastered a smile on my face and went through the day. And I ended up having a pretty good day.


On Attitude…

During one of my ‘poor me’ days I was reminded that our attitude is one of the most important and powerful tools we own. While thinking about how hard I had it right now, I was reminded of a friend who I’ve known in high school. Her positive smile was contagious. It reminds me of Julia Roberts. When she smiles, you can’t help but smile back. Her laugh is infectious. And her talents are absolutely stunning. Listening to her play music takes your breath away. And she’s in a wheelchair. As a paraplegic, she’s never let anything stop her. She drives, she races, she plays amazing music, she’s married and she annihilates anyone who tells her she can’t. I am incredibly lucky to have an example like that in my life even though we live far apart and don’t often get a chance to talk. She reminds me to put a smile on my face and laugh when times are tough.

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