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As girls go from tweens to teens connecting can be hard. One day I feel that my daughter and I are growing so close and then the next day I can’t seem to do anything right. Her poor hormones take us on a roller coaster ride of emotions and often leaves me wondering if I’ve lost her forever or if I’m going to survive the next few years. There are so many days that I want to wave the white flag and call surrender but I’m quickly learning that when engaging with teens there is no such thing as a truce. Ever.

the selection

(Dad’s already looking a little thinner on top so I don’t hold out hope for him making it through the other two kids with a full head of hair).

One of the ways that my daughter and I have found to connect is through her love of reading. This time around we’ve found a great book to read together–The Selection.

The Selection is a light hearted alternative to some of the more intense teen books (Hunger Games, Maze Runner, etc). My daughter likened it to the Bachelor mingles with Jane Eyre. The one thing that I have enjoyed about the book is that it’s the romantic parts of the book are kept clean.

In the Selection by Kiera Cass, thirty five girls are brought together for the chance to compete for the heart (and crown) of Prince Maxon. Each of these girls comes from varying backgrounds–laid out for them from birth. For these girls it gives them the chance to escape the destiny they are set to inherit and have the chance at a better life.

For America Singer, the chance to meet and marry the prince is an absolute nightmare! She is secretly in love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Because of that, she cannot marry him and they must secretly date. She enters into a competition that she doesn’t want to in hopes of providing her family a better life.

As America meets Prince Maxon, she finds that the life that was laid out for her may not compare to the future she could have. Constant rebel attacks and competition between thirty five other strangers plays a toll on her and a surprise from Aspen makes choosing which life she wants so much harder.

the selection series

The series continues in The Elite, The One and The Heir. The Heir comes out May 5.

My Take: I enjoyed reading the book. It was light hearted and kept my attention. I appreciated that the book was clean and loved that I could open up and talk more deeply with my daughter about caste systems and “choosing” our partners.

Her Take:  I loved the book and couldn’t wait to get the next in the series. (I’m fighting my Mom to finish the series first. We keep stealing the books from each other). I’ve learned a lot about the deeper meanings behind some of the things the book talks about.

Grab The Selection and start reading today! You can find it on Amazon, your local library, or major retailers. 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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