Dreamworks Home Birthday Party Ideas

You can throw the best summer bash with these Dreamworks Home birthday party ideas. We loved the movie and it has so many fun elements that can make for a fun birthday party–especially with summer right around the corner!

dreamworks home birthday party ideas

We’ve got all the food, decorations, invitations and games to make your party one of the best!


A party isn’t a party without the friends! Get the party started with some great invitations!

We love these invitations from 3 Sisters Publishing if you are going to be hosting a movie viewing party:

pixar home birthday party invitations

These more traditional birthday invitations from 911 DIY Party Prints are also a great choice. We love that they include a lot of the main characters.

dreamworks home birthday party invitations

Dreamworks.com has a whole file full of FREE decorations, printable invitations and activity ideas for your party. You can click on the file here.


No party is complete without a treat! If you’re ambitious you can start with these amazing Boov cupcakes from Peanut Butter & Co. (Personally though, I’d forget I had to make the cupcakes after I dipped my spoon in for a taste. Love their White Chocolate Wonderful. We always make these cookies. And these ones). Getting sidetracked…

dreamworks home birthday cupcakes

If time is an issue, these Super Boov milkshakes are a cool treat for the summer and fall.

dreamworks home birthday party treats

If you’re hosting a movie viewing party, this white chocolate galaxy popcorn from Jess Done This is the perfect treat. Enjoy them in these printable popcorn boxes.

dreamworks home birthday party treats


There are some great printable activities for Home fans. This bubble mobile and 3D papercraft from SK Galeena will keep kids busy for a few minutes while you light the birthday candles!

We love this DIY Bubble Ship idea. What a fun activities for kids and I’m sure it will keep the kids busy for awhile!

dreamworks home birthday party ideas


Boov was an amazing builder. Try having the kids use Legos to build their own “Home” then put everyone’s ideas together to make a city. You can use this figurine set to help them act out scenes from the movie.

One of the key elements from the movie are the Slurpees! We fell in love with these homemade blue raspberry slurpees from Love From the Oven. Have the kids help you mix it up, then have them do some of the above activities while it mixes.

dreamworks home birthday party

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