Following the FODMAP Diet: Weeks 1-4

Since October of last year, I have really struggled. In January my stomach felt so bad that I was taken in for a colonoscopy. I was having horrible stomach aches and spasms and would feel like my stomach was on fire after eating. Sometimes just eating a sandwich would feel like the equivalent of eating a huge turkey dinner. I was living on a diet of Immodium and whatever I could get down. Somedays were good and I felt great and others I felt awful. I was happy but curious when my results came back as non ulcerative microscopic colitis.

fodmap diet

I’ll be honest in that I was pretty disappointed with what I was told as something to help cure it. The doctor told me that they suspected it was an autoimmune disorder but that they really were still learning a lot about the stomach and stomach issue diagnoses like mine. I was given a prescription for some medication to use during a flare up to help with the spasms and basically told that this was something I would deal with the rest of my life.

Since I’m now in my 30’s, this is kind of the time that these issues really start to show up. But it’s also the time in my life that I’m the most busy and don’t have time to slow down. I’ve got a busy family, a husband on the road that I worry about, work, and all of life’s other issues. I did a little research, talked to my doctor and decided that we would try the FODMAP diet. I did a little research and felt that three months of my life would be easy to give up certain foods if it helped. Here’s my journey:


Euphoria week! The start of anything new is always fun. I loaded up on gluten free favorites, planned out my meals, and searched through a variety of different internet sources to find recipes. I was armed and ready! I made some spaghetti sauces and salsa with no garlic and onion and froze them in ice cube trays so I could easily remove them later for spaghetti or chips and salsa (one of my favorite snacks).

By the end of the week I was having a major reality check. Making meals just for me and then separate meals for the kids and family was much more difficult than I realized. No health benefits were really noticed this week.


This week has been a little harder. I’m eating out A LOT! We are finishing getting the house ready to sell and I’ve been painting like crazy. The kids are finishing up in school and I’m busy with activities. I find myself grabbing them a pizza and me spending half an hour checking labels at the store just to find something “fast and convienent” to eat. I gave that up quickly and opted for the salad bar at my local grocery store. It’s quickly becoming my go to meal.

Minor health benefits were noted. The stomach aches seemed to be more subdued and even with all the stress I’m under I feel like I have more energy this week.


I am officially tired of Wendy’s Strawberry Fields salad –no onions– and my neighborhood salad bar. The kids are getting out of school this week and house projects are coming to a close. I’ve dejunked the entire house and moved it into a storage unit. I am exhausted, tired and ready for a break.

The cravings this week have been a little bit harder to deal with. The kids have gone out with friends to get ice cream cones and I can’t even tell you how bad I am craving a real ice cream cone right now. But the health benefits make me keep going so I’m going to continue.


Dealing with some family issues, a rather stressful announcement, kids at home and fighting all day, a new job, trying to figure out where we will live (thank you to our agents and mortgage brokers here in Utah and Cali who have answered so many of our calls) and house showings at a moment’s notice have really put me in a tailspin.

Monday and Tuesday I spent in and out of bed sick and just started to feel back to normal by the end of the week. I have absolutely no appetite and by the end of the week when I weighed myself found I had lost 7 pounds. Shorts that fit before are now hanging on me. I’m totally frustrated that I have no appetite and finding comfort foods that I can eat that fit my diet have caused me to have no appetite at all. All the medicine I’ve consumed this week has left a gross taste in my mouth and I’ve got a royal case of cotton mouth. So over this and hoping that next week is off to a better start!

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