Coconut Sugar Desserts

Gluten Free

Baking with coconut sugar has exploded. As more and more information has developed on the effects white sugar is having on our bodies, it’s been interesting to see recipes using coconut sugar popping up everywhere. I get many questions every week from people using coconut sugar in various recipes. Today I’m compiling our favorites coconut sugar desserts here as well as some of our other favorite websites offering delicious coconut sugar recipes.

coconut sugar

If you’re just starting to use coconut sugar, you need to read this:

How to Bake with Coconut Sugar

Dessert Basics:

Coconut Sugar Caramel Sauce

Coconut Sugar Frosting

Dessert Recipes:

Pineapple Coconut Cupcakes

Grilled Pineapple Coconut Lime Dessert

White Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

Maple Coconut Sugar Fudge

Double Chocolate Brownies

Great Coconut Sugar Recipes From the Web:

10 Delicious Recipes that use Coconut Sugar

5 Delightful Ways to use Coconut Sugar

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