FODMAP Diet Week 5: “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Pout If I Want To!”

This week is my birthday. It’s also my husband’s birthday and my daughter’s birthday this week and the cake and ice cream flow!

happy birthday

Except for me.

I am not enjoying this week at all.

In fact I almost tackled a woman who stood by me with a greasy, cheesy Little Caesar’s pizza. I don’t even like Little Caesar’s pizza but it sounded really good in that moment.

With the cake and ice cream flowing I’m having a rough time. It takes a long time to prepare and make meals and with our schedule so off during the summer months and it being so hot outside I just don’t want to cook. My tastebuds are changing and nothing sounds good to eat. I’ve lost seven pounds because my selection of snacks is low and I feel like “I’ve been there done that” and can’t think of buying another bag of the same chips.

Some days I just want to eat(but can’t find anything), and other days I have no appetite at all. It’s a toss up.

So this birthday, I’m going to pout if I want to.


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