FODMAP Diet Week 6&7. I Want Ice Cream!!

I finally recovered from my birthday week and am feeling much better. I’ve been able to eat, EAT!! I can’t tell you how much I love to eat. This popcorn has had to go. I cannot buy it anymore. I eat it by the entire bag fulls when I do. And if the kids try to steal it? Wow, how quickly I become mean mom!

colbys kettle corn


I’ve also spent quite a lot of money on ice cream as the temps have climbed above 100. So much in fact that my husband is utterly disgusted at how much of our food bill went to wasted non dairy ice cream pints. I think he needs to be more understanding of my pain. It was necessary to buy 30 pints in order to find the 2-3 that I liked. This one was the #1 winner. Also, if you are needing an opinion on non dairy ice cream flavors, I may now be considered an expert. I also loved the article in Real Simple magazine this month that rated some of the best non dairy ice creams and non dairy desserts. THANK YOU!!

non dairy ice cream

While I am dreaming of dipping my spoon into a nice creamy rich cup of REAL ice cream, I’ve found this week has been harder and easier. The kids and husband have gotten a little lax on their support of my dietary needs and we’ve taken a few trips to the local ice cream store. Having them eat in front of me has been hard but knowing how much I don’t want to hurt keeps me going. Cookies that they wouldn’t eat in front of me a few weeks ago are now being openly stored around me. It’s hard but my desire to not hurt has been stronger.

They’ve also been amazingly supportive too. My daughter was great tonight to make up the cookie dough and sample it so I wasn’t tempted to. I appreciate all they have done to support me these past few months.

But I still want a rich and creamy cup of ice cream right now. Like, really bad!!

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