Family Fun {Fall 2015}

This fall has been a busy time for our family. We have taken two trips to California. It’s been so fun to be able to see my family and friends so much this fall. It’s been so needed and worth the two 10 hour car rides.

On our second trip to California ourĀ littlest girl got to take her first trip to Disneyland! She was SO excited she even pulled her own suitcase from the car to the hotel (that NEVER happens. She will pack it, yes, but carrying it? NO!)

first trip to disneyland

She was so excited to go to Disneyland and the two older kids suddenly became self proclaimed “experts” on Disneyland. They told her all the rides they were going to go on, and she ate it up.

Until we got there.

And then she saw Dumbo and cried. CRIED. The whole twenty minutes we were in line she cried. And she wasn’t too thrilled once we got on the ride either. And that pattern pretty well stayed the whole two days we were there. Rides like “Small World” and “Ariel’s Adventure” were her favorite rides. Rides like “Radiator Racers” were “stinkers.”

The kids made sure they took plenty of trips on their favorite ride, Grizzly River Rapids. After a few trips I made them stop so they could dry out.

kids at disneyland

Our custom in our home is that on your first trip to Disneyland you get your first (and only) set of Mickey ears. Of course, this one chose the princess ones.

princess minnie ears

While we were there my daughter found me this chocolate bar. She thinks it needs to be framed and hanged in my office.

mood chocolate bar

One of our favorite stops on our trip was the LA Auto Expo. We spent a few hours there and had a blast. Everyone’s favorite stop was the Hot Wheels Epic Race track. We had a lot of fun racing each other on this HUGE track. (I want one).

hot wheels epic race

After a few days playing in California we headed back to spend the holiday with my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun hanging with cousins and family. After a fun filled few days with a CRAZY white elephant party it was time to pack up, head home and nurse three children with colds. (Gifts from Disneyland and the cousins).

kid playing in leaves

And then we came home to our elf, Fizzy. He’s been causing a lot of trouble around our house. But I love all the comments like “Fizzy’s watching you. You better not do that!” It’s the only month of the year that the kids are totally well behaved. It’s the best.

elf on the shelf ideas

elf on the shelf ideas

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